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Splinterlands Unveils Land Phase 1.5 Whitepaper for The Secret of Praetoria Expansion

Splinterlands, one of the top NFT games in the NFT Playgrounds blockchain games rating list, has released the Land Phase 1.5 whitepaper, revealing insights into the massive upcoming expansion for the blockchain trading card game, titled The Secret of Praetoria.


The Secret of Praetoria Expansion: Land NFTs and More

The Secret of Praetoria expansion will enable players to claim land NFTs, on which they can construct various buildings, gather resources, and create new tradable and rentable cards for use in battles. A total of 150 player-owned regions will be available, with each region containing 1,000 land plots. This amounts to 150,000 plots of land, divided into ten different tracts within each region. The regions themselves are organized into seven territories, meaning each territory has between 20 to 22 regions.

Multi-Phase Release Schedule

This large-scale expansion will be introduced in several phases, starting with land surveying in Phase 1, scheduled for Q1 2023. Phase 1.5 is expected to commence before the end of Q2 or Q3, followed by Phase 2, focused on buildings and resources, which is planned for a Q3 release.

Phase 1: Land Surveying

During land surveying, players can uncover details about land plots by redeeming PLOT, TRACT, or REGION tokens for unsurveyed land deed NFTs and then converting these land deeds into surveyed NFTs. Plot details include terrain type, rarity, and more.

Phase 1.5: Initial Resource Production, Card Staking, and DEC Staking

Phase 1.5 is set to feature some initial resource production, alongside card staking and DEC staking. However, the Splinterlands team has clarified that everything is subject to change from what is specified here, both in Phase 1.5 and future phases. This includes mechanics, resources, names, numbers, etc., as they work through development and playtesting.

For detailed information on The Secret of Praetoria land expansion, be sure to check out the latest whitepaper released by Splinterlands.

A New Era for Splinterlands

The Secret of Praetoria expansion marks an exciting new chapter for Splinterlands, as it continues to evolve and solidify its position among the top NFT games in the blockchain gaming industry. With land NFTs, new tradable and rentable cards, and a multi-phase release strategy, this expansion promises to deliver an immersive and engaging experience for players, further elevating the Splinterlands universe.

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