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Splinterlands' Season Rentals: A Long-Term Solution for Your Card Collection

splinterlands cards collection

Splinterlands, the renowned digital collectible card game, has introduced its Season Rentals feature as of February 28, 2023. This new feature provides players with a choice between "daily" and "season" rentals, allowing them to secure their cards for the entire season.

The Season Rental Option Players can now filter available rentals on the car rental market pages by either daily or season rentals. According to the team, players cannot cancel season rentals that begin with seven or more days remaining in the current ranked play season until the end of that season.

At the end of the ranked play season, the season rentals will expire at the same time of day they were rented. Players will have the option to rent cards using either DEC or Credits, with the card owner receiving the rental fee immediately. Players can easily rent an entire deck of cards for their current league level for the entire season.

The Splinterlands team aims to make the process of acquiring and keeping cards easier for players. The new Season Rentals feature eliminates the worry of rental termination every few days, especially towards the end of the season. As part of their larger project to streamline the card acquisition process, PeakMonsters recently released the "decks" feature, making it easier for players to compete in Splinterlands.

These new features have the potential to revolutionize the process of acquiring necessary cards to compete in Splinterlands, transforming it from a complicated experience to a seamless, one-click process. Both new and experienced players can expect to benefit from these modifications.

It's important to note that all cards listed on the rental market will continue to be daily rentals, and only newly listed cards for which the owner selects the season rental option will be available for season rentals. Players wishing to switch their rental listings from daily to season must cancel their current listings and re-list them as season rentals.

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