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What is a Blockchain Game?

A Blockchain Game is a video game that integrates blockchain technology, such as cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), into its gameplay.


What is Play To Earn?

Play To Earn is a new concept for video games in which players can earn cryptocurrencies and/or NFTs through their in-game successes.

What is a Gaming Cryptocurrency?

A Gaming Cryptocurrency is a digital currency used in video games to reward players for certain achievements and/or to acquire certain things in the game.

What is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT)?

A Non-Fungible Token represents ownership of unique digital items, such as in-game assets, and enables real-world value economies.

What is a Metaverse - Virtual World?

A Metaverse, also known as a Virtual World, is a Blockchain Game that allows players to own and build on their virtual land, represented by NFTs.

What is the difference between Crypto Game, NFT Game, and Blockchain Game?

A Crypto Game uses cryptocurrencies, an NFT Game uses NFTs, and a Blockchain Game uses at least one of these technologies.

What is the Playgrounds (PG) Score and how is it calculated?

The PG Score is an indicator of the community activity of a blockchain game, calculated based on metrics from social media, website interactions, and other factors.

Do you offer an API for your data?

No, we currently do not offer an API for our data.

Listings Price

Getting your Blockchain Game listed on NFT Playgrounds is free and we do not ask for any listing fees. The submission form is the only way to request a listing.

What is the criteria for a Blockchain Game to be listed on NFT Playgrounds?

The game must be playable or have a working website, clear roadmap, team information, and whitepaper.

How do I update my game's information?

You can request an update via our contact form.

Why isn't my game listed on NFT Playgrounds?

We are always actively adding more Blockchain Games to our site, but the process is manual and takes time to ensure data accuracy.

Why is a certain game listed on NFT Playgrounds?

As long as the game meets our listing criteria, it is eligible to be on our site. We provide tools for users to make their own conclusions, but if there is clear evidence of fraud - please contact us, we will consider removing the game from our website.

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