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Phantom Galaxies Closed Beta: A Step into the Future of Gaming


In a world where digital landscapes and technology's strides have become the backbone of entertainment, Phantom Galaxies comes as an exciting revelation. A game that thrills not just with its innovative gameplay, but with its adoption of cutting-edge Web3 technologies. Phantom Galaxies has started its journey towards public availability with the recent launch of the highly-anticipated closed beta.

Phantom Galaxies NFT Game

What is Phantom Galaxies?

Phantom Galaxies is a next-generation action-packed Web3 mech shooter game that promises to immerse its players into a world of battles, adventure, and interstellar exploration. It provides an extensive and detailed cosmos, stunning visuals, and a robust gameplay system that resonates with both casual and hardcore gamers.

Phantom Galaxies Closed Beta: The First Cohort of Players

The Phantom Galaxies closed beta is the first chance for gamers worldwide to get a taste of what the game offers. However, not everyone will get this opportunity at once. The first set of players allowed into the beta phase are holders of the 'Zorran's Favour' NFT, a coveted token awarded to community members who've either won community contests or demonstrated exceptional community behavior. The lucky few with this NFT can explore the cosmos and test the game's new features before the general public.

A Sneak Peek into the Beta Features

The closed beta version of Phantom Galaxies is a lot more than just a test-run; it’s a fully immersive gaming experience. The game developers have revamped the Starfighter classes based on player feedback from the alpha build. They have also introduced a networked multiplayer option, allowing gamers to engage with others on Halberd-001, the first headquarters of the game. This update makes for a more inclusive and interactive gaming environment.

Generative Avatars and the Heat System

Adding to the allure of the Phantom Galaxies beta are the Generative Avatars. These Avatars are randomly generated, each with its distinct art style, allowing each player to experience a unique gaming journey. They also provide the players with a sense of individuality and allow for personalized gameplay.

Another fascinating feature in the beta version is the introduction of the Heat system, which replaces the Energy mechanic. The Heat system increases players' heat levels with every action, giving them an Ultimate boost during battles. However, players must be careful not to overheat and cause severe damage to their mech.

The Future of Phantom Galaxies Beta

While the Phantom Galaxies closed beta is currently exclusive to 'Zorran's Favour' NFT holders, future cohorts will include 'The Hopeful' and 'Planet' NFT holders. The game developers have promised to announce the rest of the sequence later, and gamers worldwide are eagerly anticipating their chance to join the exciting realm of Phantom Galaxies.


Before we conclude, here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Phantom Galaxies:

  1. What is the 'Zorran's Favour' NFT? The 'Zorran's Favour' NFT is a token awarded to active community members who have won a community contest or have demonstrated exceptional behavior within the community.

  2. What are Generative Avatars in Phantom Galaxies? Generative Avatars in Phantom Galaxies are randomized player avatars with distinct art styles, enhancing the sense of individuality and allowing for a personalized gaming journey.

  3. Who can participate in the Phantom Galaxies closed beta? - For now, only holders of 'Zorran's Favour' NFT can participate in the closed beta. The developers will invite holders of 'The Hopeful' and 'Planet' NFTs in subsequent cohorts.

  4. What improvements were made from the Phantom Galaxies alpha build to the beta version? Based on player feedback from the alpha build, the developers introduced several improvements and new features in the beta version. This includes revamped Starfighter classes, a networked multiplayer option, the introduction of the Heat system, and the feature of Generative Avatars.

  5. What is the Phantom Galaxies game about? Phantom Galaxies is a next-generation Web3 mech shooter game. It offers an extensive and detailed cosmos for exploration and battles. The game provides a robust gameplay system and stunning visuals, appealing to both casual gamers and hardcore gaming enthusiasts.


The Phantom Galaxies closed beta presents a unique opportunity for players to be part of the development process, shaping the game’s future through their feedback and interaction. And for the lucky few who are part of this first cohort, they are trailblazers, pioneers stepping into an immersive, next-generation gaming universe.

With the progressive rollout of access to more players and continuous development, the future of Phantom Galaxies looks more promising than ever. One thing's for sure: this is an exciting time to be part of the NFT gaming world!

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