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Alaska Gold Rush TGLP Token Presale: Everything You Need to Know

Alaska Gold Rush, one of the best blockchain games out there, is set to launch its TGLP token presale for the $CARAT token. This article outlines the sale details, tokenomics, and everything you need to know to participate in the presale. For more information on the game itself, visit Alaska Gold Rush on NFT Playgrounds.

Alaska Gold Rush presale

TGLP Sale of $CARAT: Important Dates and Details

  • 10 AM UTC, March 17: Snapshot of TGLP subscribers and NFT holders

  • 10 AM UTC, March 18: Sale begins (open for 48 hours)

  • 10 AM UTC, March 20: Sale closes

  • Guaranteed allocation for all TGLP subscribers and NFT holders

  • Alaska TGLP NFTs get a special DOUBLE allocation

  • $0.025 per $CARAT token (subject to slight change due to fluctuating BNB price)

  • Payment in BNB (BEP20)

  • 10% TGE, 90% vesting (unlocking daily over 365 days)

  • Launch price $0.03 - exchange listing planned for the beginning of April, date TBA

Alaska TGLP NFTs: Double Allocation Bonus

Alaska TGLP NFT holders will benefit from a DOUBLE ALLOCATION in the upcoming sale, providing an additional incentive for this special collection related to the Alaska ecosystem. Multiple TGLP NFTs can be held on the same wallet, and each allocation will be added together for both staked and non-staked NFTs.

Presale Information and Token Distribution

Tenset will raise approximately $3.3 million (132 million $CARAT tokens) at a price of $0.025. The exact allocation in BNB value will be shared closer to the sale's start. More details about unsold tokens will be shared later.

TGLP users will have 48 hours to transfer the required BNB using the mechanism on a dedicated website, with a direct link communicated in advance. As this is a fair share for all subscribers, there is no race to send funds instantly. As long as the transaction is completed within the 48-hour period, you will secure your allocation of CARAT.

Users who purchase CARAT will have 10% of their tokens unlocked initially, with the remaining 90% unlocking daily for 365 days. Tokens can be claimed daily as they unlock or accumulated and claimed in bulk. Vesting will begin immediately, but transfers of the token will be disabled until shortly before the first exchange listing.

Official Alaska Gold Rush Tokenomics: $CARAT

Total supply: 1 billion BEP20 tokens Tenset users fall under the "Private" category in the tokenomics breakdown, applying to both the Incubator sale in September and the upcoming TGLP sale. Both sales are at $0.025 with 10% vesting and no cliff. Other launchpads and listing prices will be $0.03 per token.

The majority of CARAT tokens have a cliff and heavy vesting, meaning a small percentage of tokens will be circulating initially. The Alaska team demonstrates their commitment and belief in the project with a 12-month cliff and 36-month vesting for their tokens.

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to be part of the Alaska Gold Rush ecosystem through the TGLP token presale. Get ready to explore the uncharted territory of this thrilling blockchain game and join other daring adventurers in the search for riches in the metaverse.

How to Prepare for the TGLP Sale

  1. Ensure that your wallet is configured to the BSC network and has enough BNB to buy the desired number of tokens.

  2. Keep an eye on the official announcements and updates from the Alaska Gold Rush team to stay informed about the presale's details.

  3. If you're an NFT holder, double-check that your NFTs are in the correct wallet to receive the double allocation bonus.


The Alaska Gold Rush TGLP token presale is a unique opportunity to be part of a thriving in-game economy and one of the best blockchain games available. With its engaging open-world environment and adventures within the metaverse, Alaska Gold Rush promises to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience. Don't miss your chance to participate in the $CARAT token presale and secure your place in this groundbreaking game.

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