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WAX Blockchain Enhances Roadmap to Empower Web3 Developers

Wax Roadmap

WAX blockchain, a popular infrastructure in the Web3 space, has announced new upgrades to its roadmap, which includes additional support for Web3 developers. The platform, known for hosting several popular Play-to-Earn games, including Alien Worlds and Farmers World, aims to expand its on-chain computation capabilities by enabling developers to build their own side chains.

One of the significant changes in the update is an ecosystem compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), enabling Ethereum projects to migrate to WAX with minimal code changes. The integration of EVM makes it easier for Ethereum developers to build applications on the WAX network and expand the range of games available on the platform.

Another update is the redesign of the Account Creation Paywall, which allows users to transition from Web2 to Web3 by creating a new game account on WAX using a Cloud Wallet. Users can use game tokens or NFTs to complete the onboarding process for a small fee. This redesign aims to encourage more Web2 game users to migrate to Web3.

In addition, WAX is set to launch a mobile version of its Cloud Wallet technology by the end of 2023, making it more accessible to users. The Cloud Wallet will also allow the creation of multi-chain games, facilitating the migration of games from other ecosystems to WAX.

WAX's enhanced features demonstrate its commitment to providing more tools for developers to build apps and attract users from other networks or Web2 games. With the new updates, WAX aims to make the platform more developer-friendly, while providing users with a more seamless and efficient gaming experience.

WAX blockchain's upgrade is expected to make the platform more competitive with other Layer 1 blockchains, especially Ethereum, in hosting numerous applications and games in the Web3 space. The enhancements will also facilitate more on-chain transactions, improving the network's efficiency.

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