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Town Star Says Goodbye to TOWN Token, Introduces GALA

Town Star, a popular blockchain-based game, has announced significant changes to its economic model and gameplay, including the removal of its native TownCoin (TOWN) token. The game's leadership, under the guidance of creator Mark Skaggs, has redefined the roadmap to implement a more engaging and rewarding model for players and the platform.

Town Star Game

The TOWN to GALA Swap

As part of the changes, Town Star will eliminate the TOWN token from its gameplay and economic structure. In a statement, the game explained, "We're saying goodbye forever to TownCoin (TOWN) in preparation for Town Star's big launch. With the many brilliant changes coming to the game, we decided to remove the game-specific token in favor of a better reward model."

To facilitate this transition, TOWN holders must swap their tokens for GALA, the native token of Gala Games, at a rate of 1 GALA = 1.25 TOWN. The swap window period has already begun and will last for over 180 days. After this period, players will no longer be able to swap their TOWN tokens, and the token will be removed from all exchanges.

Before swapping, players must create an account with Gala Games. Additionally, any TOWN in the treasure chest must be minted before it can be swapped. For those of you, who interested in Gala Games, we have a Gala App high-level review available.

Integration with Gala Games and New Features

Gala Games allows content creators to publish their games on its blockchain, with GALA serving as the gas token for the network. Node operators receive a distributed portion of the total GALA gas fees. Town Star will use a burn-to-mint model, ensuring that when players make GALA purchases, node operators receive a share of the gas fee.

This change is just one of many exciting new features coming to Town Star. Players can look forward to testing a range of enhancements, including a new economic model, a customizable decoration system, an improved social system, upgraded competitions, and upgradeable NFTs.

A New Era for Town Star

The removal of the TOWN token and the introduction of GALA mark a new era for Town Star. By integrating with Gala Games and adopting the GALA token, the game can offer a more rewarding and engaging experience for players. The upcoming new features promise to make Town Star an even more exciting and immersive gaming experience.

As the TOWN to GALA swap window period is already underway, players should act quickly to ensure they don't miss out on the opportunity to transition their tokens. With the new economic model and other upgrades on the horizon, Town Star is well-positioned to continue its growth as a top blockchain game.

Stay tuned for more updates on Town Star and other top NFT games, and make sure you take advantage of the TOWN to GALA swap before the window period expires.

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