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MOBOX Unveils Enchanted Tales and Future Game Launches on Their Platform

MOBOX, a renowned gaming platform built on the Binance Smart Chain, recently celebrated its 2nd anniversary by sharing enchanting tales of its remarkable achievements and milestones. As the platform enters a period of rapid development, MOBOX also announced plans to launch three new games in 2023, further expanding its offerings in the realm of Web3 gaming.


A Journey from Obscurity to Fame

Over the past two years, the MOBOX ecosystem has evolved from humble beginnings into a vast, interconnected matrix teeming with depth and intrigue. Among the platform's remarkable achievements are:

  • 3.6 million unique wallets

  • A total value locked (TVL) of up to 440 million USD

  • Over 2 million NFTs created

  • A staggering 400,000,000 BUSD in NFT trading volume

These milestones reflect the MOBOX team's unwavering commitment to enhancing the platform and its games, as well as their dedication to ensuring the absence of any major security breaches.

Five Enchanting Years in Web3

Having successfully launched several influential game products in the Web3 realm since 2018, the MOBOX platform marks the team's fifth enchanting year immersed in the Web3 domain. With their steadfast team, abundant industry experience, and relentless can-do spirit, MOBOX continues to march valiantly toward its goals.

The platform now eagerly seeks to collaborate with exceptional Web3 builders to further manifest the MOBOX vision and mission.

MOBOX's Game Release Plan for 2023

In 2023, MOBOX plans to launch three games:

  1. SLG Game "Dragon Battlefield"

  2. Large MMORPG Game "Project M"

  3. RPG game "King of Chaos"

The MOBOX team is well-equipped to explore and innovate within the realm of Web3 gaming, boasting long-term experience in traditional game development and publishing. Additionally, their financial resources are more than adequate to support their long-term endeavors in this area.

Prioritizing Top-Tier Games and Collaboration with Industry Leaders

In the coming years, MOBOX will prioritize the signing of top-tier games with development investments exceeding tens of millions of dollars for release on the MOBOX platform. They also plan to actively collaborate with industry leaders to bolster the MOBOX ecosystem's growth.

These plans align with the platform's positioning as a leading player in the Binance Smart Chain gaming ecosystem, showcasing MOBOX's commitment to continually expanding and innovating its offerings.


As MOBOX embarks on its third year, the platform's enchanted tales and ambitious plans for the future highlight its dedication to growing its Web3 gaming ecosystem. With the launch of three new games in 2023 and a focus on signing top-tier games, MOBOX aims to provide an engaging and secure gaming experience for its users while fostering collaboration with other industry leaders.

As Web3 gaming continues to gain momentum and platforms like MOBOX push the boundaries of what's possible, the future of gaming promises to be more immersive, interconnected, and innovative than ever before.

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