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MixMob: Racer 1 Launches Exclusive MixMadness Tournament in March

Web3 Gaming platform MixMob, known for its card strategy racing game powered by Solana, is set to launch the exclusive MixMadness tournament for Mask holders from March 23rd to 26th. The competition allows participants to test new in-game features and earn SUD$ tokens.


New In-Game Features for Mask Holders

As long as you hold a MixMob Mask, you'll be able to test out the following features during the 3-day tournament:

  • Slipstream: A rubberbanding feature that prevents snowballing. Players further back will gain speed as they catch up to the leader.

  • Obstacles: Players in the lead now must watch out for glitches. They will need to switch lanes to avoid slamming into digital flaws.

  • Collision: Players could also ram into their opponents to deal damage. This can be done by switching lanes or using speed boosts to slam into their opponents.

  • Core Boosters: Racers could also fly dangerously by pressing the "W" key. This will activate the Bot's Core Booster, which provides a speed boost at the expense of players' Health.

Due to the early nature of these game features, the MixMob team has decided to launch MixMadness exclusively for Mask holders.

Tournament Schedule and Rewards

The MixMadness event will take place during a 5-hour window from March 23rd to 26th, with the competition occurring between 6 am – 11 am PST and 1 pm – 6 pm GMT each day. Throughout the event, the leaderboard will be reset daily, and the top ten winners will get SUD$ tokens.

Individual race and tournament winners will not receive rewards, though the Arena fee for this competition will be reduced to 1 SUD$. During the race, the betting lounge will be open, allowing users to bet on matches and earn SUD$.

Growing Popularity of Blockchain Games

The MixMadness tournament is an example of how blockchain games are gaining popularity by offering unique features and exclusive events for their communities. The integration of tokens and in-game assets creates an ecosystem where players can earn rewards and trade items, enhancing the gaming experience.

As more people join the world of Web3 gaming, the demand for innovative games like MixMob: Racer 1 is expected to rise. With exclusive events like MixMadness, game developers can attract new players, engage existing communities, and showcase their game's unique features.

In conclusion, the MixMadness tournament by MixMob: Racer 1 provides an opportunity for Mask holders to test new in-game features and earn tokens. This exclusive event highlights the growing popularity of blockchain games and the potential for Web3 gaming to revolutionize the industry. Keep an eye on MixMob and other blockchain games as they continue to innovate and offer exciting experiences for their communities.

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