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Krypto Fighters Introduces Official Community Marketplace on Rarible

Krypto Fighters Marketplace

Maxma Game Studio has announced the launch of the official community marketplace for Krypto Fighters, a 2D turn-based NFT strategy game. The new marketplace, which is powered by Rarible, replaces OpenSea as the platform for buying and selling Krypto Fighters NFTs.

According to the announcement, the move to an in-house marketplace was motivated by the slow transaction speeds and lack of identification information about NFT fighters on OpenSea. The new marketplace provides a streamlined interface, faster transactions, and detailed information on the rarity and attributes of every NFT fighter.

Additionally, the in-house marketplace allows the Krypto Fighters team to update the NFT data more easily. The studio has replaced the in-game Ability System with a more streamlined Trait System, which makes it simpler to see the traits and rarities of the NFT fighters. If the data of an NFT has not been updated to reflect the change to the new system, it can easily be fixed by clicking on the Refresh button on the right side of the page, above the bids section.

The launch of the new marketplace follows the introduction of two new in-game tokens for Krypto Fighters earlier this month. The tokens are part of the game's ecosystem and are designed to enhance the gameplay experience for players.

The Krypto Fighters community is expected to benefit from the new marketplace, which will provide a more user-friendly and efficient way of buying and selling NFTs. With the launch of the official community marketplace, Krypto Fighters is poised to continue its growth in the NFT gaming space.

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