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Gods Unchained Kicks Off the Siege of Raneko Event

Gods Unchained, a popular blockchain-based card game, is hosting the Siege of Raneko event following the release of their much-anticipated expansion set, Band of the Wolf. This two-week campaign allows players to fight as a community and earn exclusive rewards, such as limited edition trinkets, war boards, and cardbacks. Join us at NFT Playgrounds as we delve into the details of this exciting event.

Gods Unchained Game


The Siege of Raneko event is based on the Band of the Wolf expansion set, which introduced new in-game mechanics and revolves around the battle for Raneko Village. This community-driven event runs from now until April 11th, 5 pm (PT), offering players a chance to participate in two different missions and win exclusive rewards.

Missions and Rewards

During the Siege of Raneko event, players can participate in the following missions:

  1. Community Goal: The community must play at least 250K games using the Band of the Wolf card set. At the time of writing, over 234k games have been played. Upon reaching the final goal, each participant will receive a War Banner trinket, a limited cosmetic item in Gods Unchained.

  2. Collect Hortuk and Eiko Cards: Players need to collect both Hortuk and Eiko cards, representing the story's antagonist and protagonist. These cards can be purchased from the primary or secondary marketplace, depending on player preferences. By the end of the event, anyone with both cards in their collection will receive a special War Board.

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Band of the Wolf Expansion

Band of the Wolf is an exciting expansion for Gods Unchained, featuring 38 new cards and an 'Ally' mechanic that offers new strategic gameplay. The Band of the Wolf card packs will be available for a limited time until April 26th, 5 pm (PT). Players can purchase these packs directly from the Gods Unchained store or earn them in limited quantities through Weekend Ranked events and other free-to-play initiatives.


The Siege of Raneko event in Gods Unchained offers an engaging and community-focused experience for players, with the potential to earn exclusive rewards. Keep up to date with the latest blockchain gaming news by following NFT Playgrounds, and don't miss your chance to be part of this exciting event in the world of Gods Unchained.

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