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Forest Knight Introduces New Updates

Forest Knight, a popular blockchain tactical RPG, has introduced several exciting updates in its latest patch notes The game is known for its immersive gameplay and engaging storyline, and with these new updates, Forest Knight aims to provide an even better experience for its players. In this article, we'll discuss the new Guild system, Easter event, and other improvements that Forest Knight has introduced to enhance the overall player experience.

Forest Knight

Polygon Blockchain Games

Polygon is a Layer 2 solution for Ethereum that enables fast and low-cost transactions. As a result, it has become an increasingly popular choice for blockchain gaming developers. Some of the top Polygon games on the market include Forest Knight, which offers a unique blend of RPG elements, strategy, and NFT collectibles.

Forest Knight

Forest Knight is a blockchain-based tactical RPG that allows players to explore a vibrant fantasy world, build their team of heroes, and collect rare NFTs. The game is built on the Polygon network, ensuring fast and affordable transactions for its players.

New Guild System

With the introduction of the new Guild system, players can join various Guild quests and challenges, unlocking exclusive rewards along the way. Guilds will have their own level, XP progression, perks, maximum number of members, and quests. Guild quests can be completed as a team, and members will earn quest rewards once the guild leader has collected the prizes. A leaderboard will display the guild's ranking, members, and perks received. Guilds can also level up with enough XP, and passive bonuses or perks such as Gold, XP, and runes will be distributed to all guild members.

Easter Event

Starting April 9th, Forest Knight will host a two-week Easter event, where players can participate in Guild quests and challenges. The event features two areas of gameplay to keep everyone engaged, and players can work with their guildmates to unlock exclusive rewards.

Improved Player Experience

Forest Knight has made significant improvements to its Home Town interface to provide a more immersive experience for its players. The hero building has been replaced by a forge building, which offers new crafting opportunities. The heroes and forge buttons have been replaced by a quest button, making it easier for players to navigate the town. Additionally, the level chest has been moved to side buttons for easier access, allowing players to claim rewards more quickly while keeping the interface clutter-free.

The hero panel has also undergone a major visual upgrade, giving the heroes a sense of life and personality. Players can now preview the weapons and skins of their heroes when equipped, allowing them to see how their heroes will look in battle. The hero icons have also been updated with new visuals and splash animation, enhancing the visual appeal of hero panels.

Furthermore, Forest Knight developers have made some balancing changes and QOL upgrades. Interested players can review the details in the official announcement.


With the introduction of the new Guild system, Easter event, and various improvements, Forest Knight is set to provide an even better gaming experience for its players. By continually updating its game mechanics and offering engaging events, Forest Knight continues to maintain its position as one of the leading Polygon blockchain games. Stay updated with the latest blockchain gaming news by visiting NFT Playgrounds regularly.

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