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Eldarune Launched Public Testnet

Eldarune, a blockchain-based gaming platform, has recently launched its public testnet, opening the doors for players to test the platform, provide valuable feedback, and earn rewards in the form of Elda tokens, the platform's native cryptocurrency. In this article, we'll discuss the exciting world of RPG blockchain games, explore Eldarune's unique features, and guide you through participating in the public testnet.

Eldarune Game

RPG Blockchain Games

Role-playing games (RPGs) have long been a staple of the gaming world, captivating players with immersive stories and rich, detailed environments. By combining RPGs with blockchain technology, developers can create truly decentralized gaming experiences that empower players with ownership of in-game assets and unparalleled control over their gaming experience. Eldarune is one such game that aims to bring the decentralized future of gaming to life.


Eldarune is a blockchain-based gaming platform that seeks to revolutionize the gaming industry by providing a decentralized platform for players to enjoy a wide range of games while retaining true ownership of their in-game assets. By leveraging blockchain technology, Eldarune aims to eliminate issues such as fraud and cheating that often plague traditional gaming platforms.

Eldarune Testnet

The Eldarune public testnet is a crucial step in the development of the platform, allowing players to try out various games and report any bugs or issues they encounter. This feedback will enable the developers to fine-tune the platform, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience for all users. The testnet will run for several weeks, during which players can earn rewards in the form of Elda tokens.

The CEO of Eldarune shared their enthusiasm for the launch, stating:

"We believe that the future of gaming is decentralized, and we are excited to launch our public testnet to gather feedback and insights from our community. We encourage everyone to join our testnet and help us create the ultimate gaming experience".

How to Participate

To participate in the Eldarune public testnet, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Eldarune website, which you can find on NFT Playgrounds Eldarune game page and follow the instructions to set up your account.

  2. Once registered, explore the various games available on the platform and start playing.

  3. Earn rewards in the form of Elda tokens as you play and provide feedback on the platform.

  4. Use your Elda tokens to purchase in-game items, participate in tournaments, or trade on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

By participating in the testnet, you'll not only contribute to the development of a groundbreaking gaming platform but also have the opportunity to earn valuable rewards in the process.


The launch of Eldarune's public testnet marks an exciting milestone for the platform and the broader world of blockchain gaming. As the platform continues to develop and refine its offerings, it is well-positioned to become a leading player in the blockchain gaming industry. Keep an eye on blockchain gaming news for more information on Eldarune and other exciting developments in the world of decentralized gaming. Don't miss your chance to participate in the testnet and help shape the future of gaming.

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