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CropBytes Reveals Q1 2023 Roadmap: Polygon Migration and Gameplay Upgrades on the Horizon

CropBytes, the popular crypto farming simulation game that recently made waves with its Paid-to-Play

feature, has announced its Q1 2023 roadmap. This latest update offers a sneak peek at the exciting changes and improvements coming to the game.

Polygon Migration and Other Upgrades: CropBytes will be making the move to Polygon this quarter, with all game assets such as animals, trees, croplands, and utility assets available as ERC-1155 tokens on the Polygon network. Players can transfer USDT and CBX using the Ethereum chain, Game Assets on the Polygon Chain, and TRX via the Tron Chain.

Moreover, the Pro Mix Crafting formula has been updated, increasing the value of Animal Extracts and fortifying the economy. CropBytes has also promised more updates to the game flow that will enhance the value generated by Animals.

The Paid-to-Play feature will also see improvements, allowing farmers to provide jobs and share them with friends and family via a dedicated job link. Additionally, a leaderboard highlighting the top job providers will be introduced. In Q2, more job opportunities and gamification will be rolled out, offering more players the chance to play and earn for free.

The Superhero Shed user interface will be revamped, and a Know Your Customer (KYC) integration will be implemented to ensure legal and regulatory compliance and better security on the platform.

Spin the Wheel, which allows players to win exciting prizes every day, will remain a regular feature. The prize pool will be enriched with significant rewards, such as Animals, in the near future.

Lastly, CropBytes will burn over 2 million CBX tokens obtained through in-game activities like asset mining and pro animals mining. The total breakdown of CBX collected, along with the date, will be published by CropBytes.

CropBytes' Q1 2023 roadmap is packed with exciting new features and enhancements, promising a better gaming experience for players worldwide.

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