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Axies Launch Match 3 PvP Puzzle Game

The blockchain gaming industry has seen a rapid evolution in recent years, with new genres and gameplay mechanics being introduced to the market. One of the most successful and popular blockchain games to date is Axie Infinity, a game that has taken the world by storm with its unique breeding and battling mechanics. Now, the Axie universe is expanding with the announcement of Axie Champions, a Match 3 PvP puzzle game set to launch in beta in July. Developed by Bali Games, the creators of the popular Korean puzzle game Anipang, Axie Champions will bring a fresh, competitive twist to the Match 3 genre, while also incorporating the benefits of blockchain technology. In this article, we will explore the world of breeding NFT games, the history of Axie Infinity, and take a closer look at the upcoming Axie Champions game and its $RON staking feature.


Breeding NFT Games

Breeding NFT games have emerged as a popular subgenre in the blockchain gaming industry, combining the excitement of collectible NFTs with gameplay mechanics centered around breeding, raising, and battling unique creatures. Players can breed their digital pets to create offspring with unique attributes, skills, and appearances, which can then be traded, sold, or used in various game modes. Some of the top breeding blockchain games include Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, and Sorare, each offering a unique and engaging experience for players.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a popular blockchain game that revolves around collecting, breeding, and battling fantasy creatures called Axies. The game has gained a massive following due to its immersive gameplay and the potential for players to earn cryptocurrency through various in-game activities. Axie Infinity has become a flagship title in the world of blockchain gaming, with a thriving community and a continuously expanding universe. The game's success has paved the way for new titles like Axie Champions, which aims to build upon the Axie Infinity universe and offer players even more ways to engage with the game's characters and mechanics.

Axie Champions

Axie Champions is an upcoming Match 3 PvP puzzle game set in the Axie universe, developed by Bali Games. Scheduled for beta release in July, the game will combine the classic Match 3 gameplay with competitive PvP elements, allowing players to utilize Champions in battles against other players. Each player will form a team of three Champions, which will be used to compete in a PvP League and Championship.

These Champions appear to be armored machines controlled by Axies, giving players the opportunity to utilize their existing Axie collection in this new game. The alpha version of Axie Champions is currently in development, with the beta phase set to provide Axie holders and community members the chance to play, provide feedback, and potentially earn rewards for early engagement.

$RON Staking

Axie Champions will launch on the Ronin Network, a Layer 2 chain from Sky Mavis. With the launch of $RON staking, Bali Games has been revealed as one of the first game studio partners developing a blockchain title on the Ronin Network. The studio has a proven track record in the traditional mobile gaming world, with their Korean mobile puzzle game Anipang generating over $1.8 billion in gross revenue and more than 130 million downloads.

The introduction of $RON staking in Axie Champions will provide players with additional incentives to participate in the game and stake their tokens, further expanding the Axie Infinity ecosystem and enhancing the value of the Ronin Network.


Axie Champions is set to bring a fresh and exciting experience to the world of blockchain gaming, combining thebeloved Axie Infinity universe with the classic Match 3 puzzle gameplay and competitive PvP elements. The game's development by Bali Games, an experienced mobile game studio, promises high-quality gameplay and a seamless integration of blockchain technology.

The upcoming beta release will give Axie holders and community members the opportunity to engage with the game early on, provide valuable feedback, and potentially earn rewards for their participation. The inclusion of $RON staking will further strengthen the Axie Infinity ecosystem and the Ronin Network, offering players additional incentives to dive into the game and invest in their digital assets.

As the blockchain gaming industry continues to grow and evolve, titles like Axie Champions showcase the potential for innovation and exciting new gameplay experiences. Keep up to date with the latest blockchain gaming news and explore the top-rated blockchain games to find your next favorite NFT gaming experience. With the launch of Axie Champions, the world of Axie Infinity is set to expand even further, offering players new ways to engage with their beloved Axies and compete against others in a fun and challenging environment.

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