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About Nine Chronicles D:CC Update


In the world of blockchain gaming, new updates and features can bring a fresh dimension to the player experience. One such highly anticipated update has arrived for the decentralized idle RPG Nine Chronicles. The recently released D:CC update introduces an array of exciting new features, including D:CC PFP NFTs and D:CC Pets, transforming the gaming experience for its loyal fanbase.

nine chronicles d:cc

Nine Chronicles Game

Nine Chronicles is a unique and innovative game, setting itself apart from other blockchain games with its decentralized nature. Players can enjoy this idle RPG that runs on a peer-to-peer network, ensuring that the gaming experience is truly community-driven. With its stunning visuals, immersive gameplay, and a captivating storyline, Nine Chronicles has become a favorite among fans of top-rated blockchain games.

Update and New Features

The D:CC update ushers in a new era for Nine Chronicles players, who can now explore previously uncharted territories, battle formidable foes, and uncover hidden treasures. These rewards will bring players closer to unlocking the divine power of the Cosmic Cat God the Great (CCGG). The update introduces three major features to the game: the D:CC Mileage Shop, D:CC Pets, and D:CC NFT Costumes.

D:CC Mileage Shop

The D:CC Mileage Shop allows players to redeem their D:CC mileage points for exclusive rewards and bonuses. Among the coveted items available for redemption are the D:CC Soulstones, which are essential for summoning D:CC Pets.

D:CC Pets

D:CC Pets are adorable and charming creatures that provide companionship and assistance to players in crafting higher-quality items. These cute critters are sure to become an indispensable part of the Nine Chronicles experience.

D:CC NFT Costumes

With the introduction of D:CC NFT Costumes, players can now personalize their characters in innovative and exciting ways. Those who own original D:CC NFTs can change their Nine Chronicles character's appearance using these unique assets, making them not only collectible digital assets but also practical and valuable in-game tools.

Players interested in acquiring D:CC PFP NFTs can still purchase them on OpenSea.

To apply D:CC NFTs to their Nine Chronicles characters, players need to connect their MetaMask wallets with their D:CC PFP NFTs and select an avatar to which they'd like to apply the D:CC NFT Costume. Once completed, the D:CC NFT Costume will be automatically applied in the game, and the player's profile picture in Nine Chronicles will change accordingly. For more information on this expansive update, check out the full details.


The D:CC update for Nine Chronicles is a game-changer, bringing exciting new features and gameplay elements that are sure to delight players. With the introduction of D:CC PFP NFTs, D:CC Pets, and the D:CC Mileage Shop, the world of Nine Chronicles has become even more immersive and engaging. This update exemplifies the continued growth and innovation in the blockchain gaming news space, showcasing the potential of decentralized gaming experiences. So gear up and dive into the world of Nine Chronicles, and discover the power of the Cosmic Cat God the Great!

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