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A16z Unveils SPEEDRUN Program, A Startup School for Gaming Firms

Venture capital giant Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) has announced the launch of SPEEDRUN, a 6-week startup school for gaming firms. Inspired by the speedrunning community, this program aims to serve as a shortcut for gaming founders to supercharge their lead in the games industry, including the top blockchain games.

a16z speedrun

Introducing the A16z SPEEDRUN

According to the statement, SPEEDRUN is like a hack for developing successful games, providing access to deep insights and help from industry experts. The program is now open for applications, and it will kick off in May with an in-person event. It will then be followed by online/local meetups and conclude in a private demo day with a16z's network of partners and investors at LA Tech Week in June.

Selected founders will learn shortcuts and cutting-edge insights on starting and running a successful gaming firm. This covers understanding the business of a gaming startup, how to create and launch profitable games, how to hire the right talent, fundraising, live operations, and incorporating the latest tech like AI, UGC, Web3, and AR/VR.

Mentorship and Support from Industry Veterans

Successful applicants will receive mentorship from industry veterans, have the opportunity to speak with gaming industry heavyweights, and receive ongoing feedback and advice via office hours.

It should be noted that teams are not required to have a real product or company before applying. The investment giant intends to foster a community of games founders, whether they want to launch a company or are already working on one. Even if applicants have previously raised funds, they'll still benefit from the program.

In their announcement, a16z stated:

"To speedrun a game is an ambitious endeavor, and we're looking for ambitious founders of any age, demographic, or specialty. We're interested in hearing from cutting-edge gaming studios and novel technology companies that serve games. We're not just here to help you ship your game or games infrastructure company; we want to help you become a leader in the games industry."

Expanding the Blockchain Games List

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, SPEEDRUN could contribute to the growth of the blockchain games list by providing support and resources to founders interested in exploring blockchain technology. By incorporating Web3 and other cutting-edge technologies, gaming startups can innovate and create new experiences for players, driving further adoption of blockchain and crypto technologies.

Additionally, SPEEDRUN may help gaming startups navigate the complex world of tokens and tokenomics, ensuring a successful launch and implementation of tokens within their games.


The launch of the SPEEDRUN program by a16z demonstrates the growing interest in gaming startups and the potential impact they can have on the industry. By providing resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to founders, a16z aims to foster innovation and growth within the gaming sector.

As the program progresses, it will be interesting to see how these new gaming startups utilize the latest technologies like blockchain, Web3, and AR/VR. The future of gaming appears promising, with the potential for further advancements in the blockchain gaming space and the creation of novel, engaging experiences for players worldwide.

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