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Pegaxy Updated 2023 Roadmap

Pegaxy, a popular blockchain-based horse racing game, has released an updated roadmap for 2023, outlining exciting new features and improvements planned for the game. With a focus on enhancing player experience and expanding gameplay options, Pegaxy aims to captivate its audience and attract new players to the NFT gaming scene. In this article, we'll dive into the roadmap's highlights and take a closer look at what's in store for Pegaxy in 2023.

Pegaxy Game

About Pegaxy

Pegaxy is a play-to-earn NFT horse racing game built on the Polygon network. Players can buy, breed, and train digital horses with unique attributes and abilities. They can then compete in races to win rewards in the form of tokens and other in-game assets. The game has attracted a growing community of players and enthusiasts, thanks to its engaging gameplay and innovative use of blockchain technology.

Pegaxy's Updated 2023 Roadmap

The updated 2023 roadmap outlines new features and improvements across four quarters. Here's a breakdown of what players can expect:

Q2 2023

  • Improved first-time user experience

  • New game mode

  • New racetrack

  • In-game shop

  • Daily tasks

  • New skins for horses

  • Additional skills

Q3 2023

  • Battle Pass Season 1

  • Additional game mode

  • New racetrack

  • Engaging in-game event

  • New skins

  • Introduction of a new bloodline

  • New skills for horses

  • Chatting room

  • Guild system

Q4 2023

  • Battle Pass Season 2

  • New game mode

  • New racetrack

  • In-game shop

  • Exciting in-game events

  • New skins

  • Introduction of a new bloodline

  • New skills for horses

  • A major tournament

Community Reaction to the Updated Roadmap

The updated roadmap has received mixed reactions from the Pegaxy community. While some players are excited about the upcoming features and improvements, others have expressed concerns about the game's progress and the team's ability to deliver on their promises. Nonetheless, Pegaxy's roadmap demonstrates the team's commitment to refining the game and delivering a compelling play-to-earn experience for its players.

NFT Playgrounds' In-Depth Review of Pegaxy

Recently, NFT Playgrounds published a comprehensive review of the Pegaxy game, providing valuable insights into the game's mechanics, marketplace, and how to get started. This review is an excellent resource for both new and experienced players looking to learn more about Pegaxy and its play-to-earn horse racing gameplay.

Pegaxy Gameplay

The review delves into the core gameplay elements of Pegaxy, explaining how players can buy, breed, and train their digital horses with unique attributes and abilities. It covers the process of competing in races and earning rewards in the form of tokens and other in-game assets.

How to Play Pegaxy

NFT Playgrounds' review provides a step-by-step guide on how to get started with Pegaxy. It explains the requirements for creating an account, purchasing a digital horse, and participating in races. This section is particularly helpful for newcomers to the game.

Pegaxy Marketplace

The review also explores Pegaxy's in-game marketplace, where players can buy, sell, and trade digital horses and other assets. It highlights the importance of understanding the marketplace dynamics and how to effectively use it to enhance one's gameplay experience.

Pegaxy Token

The Pegaxy token is an essential aspect of the game's economy, serving as both a reward for players and a means of purchasing in-game assets. The review goes into detail about the token's use cases and its role in the broader Pegaxy ecosystem.

How to Buy Pegaxy?

For players interested in investing in Pegaxy tokens or acquiring in-game assets, the review offers a helpful guide on how to buy Pegaxy tokens. It covers the necessary steps to acquire the tokens, including which cryptocurrency exchanges support the Pegaxy token and how to transfer them to one's in-game wallet.

The NFT Playgrounds' review of Pegaxy is a must-read for anyone interested in the game. With detailed information on gameplay mechanics, the marketplace, and getting started, the review provides a valuable resource for those looking to make the most of their Pegaxy experience.


Pegaxy's updated 2023 roadmap showcases the team's dedication to improving the game and providing an engaging experience for its players. With exciting new features, enhancements, and events planned throughout the year, Pegaxy is poised to continue its growth in the blockchain gaming space. As the move-to-earn concept gains traction, Pegaxy stands out as a pioneer, offering players a unique and rewarding gaming experience. Stay tuned to NFT Playgrounds for the latest updates on Pegaxy and other Polygon blockchain gaming news.

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