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Colombia Conducts First Legal Trial in Metaverse: A Historic Move Towards Virtual Justice

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In a historic move, a court in Colombia has conducted its first trial in the metaverse. The presiding magistrate commented that the experience felt more authentic than a typical video call. The trial, involving parties in a traffic dispute, took place on February 15th in the Magdalena Administrative Court.

The trial lasted for two hours and was initiated by a regional transport union against the police. It is expected to proceed partially in the metaverse, with the verdict potentially delivered in the virtual world. Participants in the trial were represented by avatars in a virtual courtroom, and the presiding magistrate, Maria Quinones Triana, wore traditional black legal robes.

Colombia is among the first countries to experiment with legal proceedings in the metaverse. Quinones Triana expressed that the experience felt more genuine than a video call. The trial in the metaverse follows a survey conducted on January 16th, which revealed that 69% of respondents believed that the metaverse would eventually change social behaviors because of new forms of entertainment and activities.

Experts believe that the metaverse will change the world and that the "physical world side" of the metaverse will emerge in the next decade. Cathy Hackl, the author of the book "Into the Metaverse: The Essential Guide to the Business Opportunities of the Web3 Era," suggested that if the physical world is integrated with the metaverse, it will significantly impact how we socialize.

The World Economic Forum introduced metaverse experiences in January by offering delegates a chance to participate in the "Global Collaboration Village," a series of 3D immersive digital sessions designed to simulate the forum.

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