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Blockchain RPGs: The Future of Gaming

Role-playing games (RPGs) have been a popular genre among gamers for decades, offering immersive storylines, complex characters, and challenging gameplay. However, with the rise of blockchain technology, RPGs are entering a new era that offers even more exciting features and benefits. Blockchain RPGs, also known as Web3 games or NFT games, are games that utilize blockchain technology to offer player ownership of in-game assets, secure and transparent transactions, and decentralized game worlds.

Blockchain RPG

As the popularity of blockchain RPGs grows, platforms like NFT Playgrounds are emerging to help gamers discover the best games in this genre. NFT Playgrounds is a blockchain games ranking platform that offers a unique rating and rankings mechanism to help gamers find the top blockchain games. In this article, we will explore the top blockchain RPGs on NFT Playgrounds and explain how the platform rates and ranks games. So, let's dive into the world of blockchain RPGs and discover what makes them so exciting!

NFT Playgrounds Game Ratings

Blockchain RPGs

NFT Playgrounds rates blockchain games based on various factors, including community engagement, social media activity, and activity of particular game players on the NFT Playgrounds website. The platform uses a proprietary algorithm to rank games on a scale of 0 to 100. This rating system provides users with an objective evaluation of the games' popularity and quality.

Users can filter games by category, such as RPGs or strategy games, and can also sort games by blockchains, popularity, project status (alpha, beta, live, etc). The platform also provides users with detailed statistics on each game, including the number of active players, the total number of NFTs minted, and the total volume of transactions on the game's blockchain.

Top Blockchain RPGs on NFT Playgrounds

The following are the top blockchain RPGs on NFT Playgrounds, according to the platform's ratings:

  • The Fabled: Set in a multiverse where chaos has been unleashed into various realms, Fabled Gods, Warriors, and Demons fight to overcome The Abyss and become more powerful as they do so.

  • Nine Chronicles: Governed by the community and supported by a complex economy where supply and demand are the greatest currency, Nine Chronicles invites you to aid the goddess Freya in her eternal struggle against an evil ravaging the land.

  • Big Time: Explore ancient mysteries and futuristic civilizations as you battle your way through history. Collect rare and legendary NFT items to decorate your avatar and personal time machine where you can hang out with your friends.

  • Illuvium: In Illuvium, players will be transported to a graphically-rich sci-fi adventure where they will embark on an epic journey to conquer the wilderness and help their crash-landed crew flourish. The game takes place across a series of detailed alien landscapes, each with their own unique challenges and opportunities for exploration.

  • Eldarune: Eldarune is an action game in a medieval setup. The player can use weapons, skills, ride dragons, and warships to defeat enemies and all kinds of creatures. As the player proceeds through the story, new challenges have to be handled, and many mysteries have to be illuminated.

What Makes Blockchain RPGs So Exciting?

One of the most exciting features of blockchain RPGs is the ability to own in-game assets. In traditional RPGs, players spend countless hours acquiring items and building up their characters, only to have everything wiped clean when the game ends. However, with blockchain RPGs, players can truly own their in-game assets, as they are stored on a decentralized blockchain.

Another exciting feature of blockchain RPGs is the ability to earn cryptocurrency by playing the game. In many blockchain RPGs, players can earn cryptocurrency by completing tasks and achieving certain milestones. This adds a new level of excitement and motivation to the gameplay, as players can earn real money while playing the game they love.


Blockchain RPGs are the future of gaming, offering players ownership of in-game assets, secure and transparent transactions, and decentralized game worlds. With the rise of platforms like NFT Playgrounds, it has become easier than ever for gamers to discover and enjoy the top blockchain RPGs. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a newcomer to the world of RPGs, blockchain RPGs offer an exciting and immersive gaming experience that is sure to delight.

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