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Big Time Unveils New Classes Available in Next Release

Big Time, the highly anticipated multiplayer action RPG, is constantly evolving with new updates and features. With the recent release of patch 0.26, players can expect new classes, a challenging new map, and numerous other exciting changes. In this article, we'll dive into what this latest update has to offer and how it affects the gameplay experience in Big Time.

Big Time new Classes

About Big Time

Big Time is a free-to-play multiplayer action RPG developed by industry veterans from Epic Games, Blizzard, and Riot Games. Set in a vibrant and mysterious universe, players can explore various time periods, battle powerful foes, and collect unique items and artifacts. With its dynamic combat system, engaging narrative, and stunning graphics, Big Time aims to revolutionize the blockchain gaming space.

New Character Classes: Battlemancer and Techblade

One of the most significant additions in patch 0.26 is the introduction of two new character classes: Battlemancer and Techblade.

  • Battlemancer: This class is a melee-focused warrior that combines skills from the Chronomancer and Time Warrior. With a focus on raw power and close-quarters combat, the Battlemancer is perfect for players who enjoy getting up close and personal with their enemies.

  • Techblade: The Techblade is a fast-paced damage dealer that utilizes skills from the Quantum Fixer and Shadowblade classes. This class is ideal for players who prefer agility and swift strikes, keeping enemies on their toes and dealing massive amounts of damage in a short amount of time.

Both of these new classes become available to players once they reach Level 30 in Big Time.

Thundercube: A New Wave-Based Challenge

In addition to the new character classes, patch 0.26 introduces a new wave-based challenge map called the Thundercube. This map tests players' skills and endurance as they face increasingly difficult waves of enemies. To earn better rewards, players can also complete optional tasks throughout the challenge.

Melee Combo System Revamp

The Melee Combo System has been overhauled in this update, placing a greater emphasis on timing. This change increases the skill required to execute successful combos and the rewards for successfully chaining attacks. Heavy attack damages have also been increased, making them more potent and impactful.

New Abilities and Character Enhancements

Several existing character classes have received new abilities in this update:

  • Shadowblade: Gains up to 7 new skills, further expanding its arsenal and increasing its versatility.

  • Quantum Fixer and Time Warrior: Both classes receive a unique ability that activates when the player is bleeding out, providing new tactical options in high-pressure situations.

Procedural Level Improvements

Procedurally generated levels have seen numerous improvements, with more layout and encounter variations being added throughout the game. These changes provide a more diverse and engaging gameplay experience as players progress through Big Time's expansive universe.

UI Upgrades and Improvements

Patch 0.26 also includes a host of UI upgrades and improvements, streamlining the player experience and making it more user-friendly. More info about the patch could be found in this medium article.

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Big Time FAQ

In this section, we'll answer some frequently asked questions about Big Time to help clarify any confusion or concerns players might have about this exciting multiplayer action RPG.

Is Big Time free-to-play?

Yes, Big Time is a free-to-play game. While there may be in-game purchases and premium features available, players can enjoy the core gameplay experience without spending any money.

What blockchain is Big Time based on?

Big Time is built on the Ethereum blockchain, which allows for the creation and management of in-game assets, items, and currency. By leveraging blockchain technology, Big Time ensures secure and transparent transactions and ownership of digital assets.

Does Big Time have a crypto?

Yes, Big Time has its own native cryptocurrency called the $TIME token. This token can be used for various in-game transactions, such as purchasing items, assets, and participating in various game features.

Is Big Time only for PC?

Big Time is primarily designed for PC gaming. However, the developers have expressed interest in exploring other platforms in the future. Keep an eye on their official announcements and social media channels for any updates on platform availability.

Is Big Time app real or fake?

As of now, Big Time is primarily a PC game, and there is no official mobile app. Any app claiming to be "Big Time" on mobile platforms may be fake or misleading. It is essential to stay informed through the game's official website and social media channels to avoid scams or fraudulent applications.


Big Time's patch 0.26 brings exciting new content and changes for players to explore. With new character classes, a challenging new map, and various enhancements to existing classes and game systems, Big Time continues to push the boundaries of blockchain gaming. As the game continues to grow and evolve, we can expect even more innovative updates and features in the future.

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