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Axie Infinity Streamer Bounty - Rewarding the Unsung Heroes of the Community

Axie Streamers rewards

Axie Infinity, the popular blockchain game, has recently launched its Axie Streamer Bounty program to reward content creators for their invaluable contribution to the game's community. As part of the Axie Creator Program, this initiative aims to recognize and incentivize the top 50 streamers who help grow the game's fanbase through their entertaining and informative content.

Streamers must follow specific guidelines, including streaming only Axie Origins or Homeland under the "Axie Infinity" category on Twitch or Facebook, to be eligible for the program. The winners, selected through a raffle, will receive a share of the 300 $AXS bounty, with each creator receiving a randomized prize within a specific tier.

What's exciting about this program is that it levels the playing field for smaller content creators, giving them an equal chance at winning the bounty without considering their viewership. Axie Infinity's commitment to rewarding its creative content creators shows its dedication to the game's growth and development.

Streamers rewards

As Axie Infinity continues to release new updates and gameplay, this program will encourage its creators to produce more content and cover these developments, providing valuable insights to the game's community.

If you're an Axie Infinity streamer, don't miss out on this opportunity to win a share of the bounty. Joining is as simple as filling out the form on the official website, and the winners will be announced on the official Axie Twitter and Substack. And if you're new to Axie, visit our game page to learn more about this exciting blockchain game.

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