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Arc8 Set to Take Mobile Gaming to the Next Level with Upcoming Upgrades

Arc8, the popular mobile gaming app that combines arcade gaming with crypto, is about to receive a number of exciting upgrades that will take it to the next level. The app has been a hit on Polygon, with over 116 million gameplays to date and the creation of 2.5 million crypto wallets, thanks to its addictive games and high-profile partnerships with Manchester City Football Club, Cool Cats, Atari, Planet IX, Benji Bananas, and more.

Arc8 game

According to a blog post by GAMEE, an Animoca Brands subsidiary, the next iteration of Arc8 will feature numerous changes, with the most significant upgrades taking place in Q3. New games, revamped competitive modes, a live multiplayer system, and streamlined Web3 onboarding are some of the features that players can look forward to. After Season 7 ends on March 31st, Arc8 will enter a new and exciting chapter of its product development roadmap.

One of the most exciting new features coming to Arc8 is the live multiplayer system, which is set to launch in Q2. This will allow players to compete against each other in real-time, adding a new dimension of excitement to the gameplay experience. In addition, a new competitive mode will be introduced in Q3, along with new user progression with NFT collection and Arc8 decentralization in Q4. Existing players can still participate in token takeovers and NFT-gated competitions.

One of the challenges that Arc8 faces is onboarding casual gamers who are not yet familiar with Web3. To address this issue, the team plans to introduce a more familiar Web2 gaming experience to make it easier for new players to get started. This will include more beginner-friendly modes for casual gamers who are not yet savvy to the wonders of Web3.

The team at GAMEE is excited about the upcoming changes and promises that the next iteration of Arc8 will continue to feature everything that players love about the app, while adding fresh new aesthetics, game lore, and reworked competitive modes. They are confident that the new upgrades will take Arc8 to new heights and attract even more players to the app.

In conclusion, Arc8 is a free blockchain gaming app that has become a hit on Polygon. With the upcoming upgrades, including the live multiplayer system, revamped competitive modes, and streamlined Web3 onboarding, the app is set to become even more popular in the coming months. Players can look forward to new games, fresh aesthetics, and an even more addictive gameplay experience. Whether you're a casual gamer or a seasoned pro, Arc8 has something for everyone.

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