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Undead Blocks Introduces Weapon NFT Renting Support

Wagyu Games, the developers of Undead Blocks, a first-person zombie survival game, have officially announced that their blockchain title now includes weapon NFT renting support. This innovative feature sets a new standard for web3 games and is expected to influence the development of future best blockchain games.

Undead Blocks

Weapon NFT Renting Support via BluMint

With the new weapon NFT renting support via BluMint, Undead Blocks players who own Genesis and Apocalypse Weapon NFTs can now passively earn by letting others use their NFTs, in turn giving those who don’t own the same assets the opportunity to earn more in the process.

Players now have the opportunity of renting a Genesis or Apocalypse Weapon NFT via BluMint, with the lender taking a certain percentage of the earnings made by the renter. The time period an NFT can be rented for also varies based on what the owner sets.

The Benefits of Renting Weapon NFTs

By using a weapon NFT, players can play the VIP Solo mode and earn Gold ZBUX, which, according to the whitepaper, is a stable in-game reward currency valued at $0.10. It can be withdrawn without any withdrawal limits but it can also be used for buying various exclusive weapons as well as rare in-game character skins, weapon skins, perks, and animations.

With this new feature, holders of weapon NFTs are now able to passively put their assets to use for when they don’t have the time to use them themselves, making it a nice way for owners to not only passively earn but for other players to also earn more in the process. Instructions on how to rent a weapon NFT can be found in the video embedded in the tweet down below.

Undead Blocks Spring and Summer Tournament Series

Last week, the team behind the blockchain zombie shooter announced the launch of Spring and Summer Tournament Series, with a total of $30k up for grabs across four tournaments. This exciting event highlights the growing interest in web3 games and the potential for blockchain technology to reshape the gaming industry.

The Future of Web3 Games and Best Blockchain Games

The introduction of weapon NFT renting support in Undead Blocks demonstrates how blockchain technology can create new opportunities for both game developers and players. As more innovative features like this are introduced, the best blockchain games will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming world.

The integration of NFTs and DeFi mechanics in web3 games is becoming increasingly popular, paving the way for unique gameplay experiences and new revenue streams for players. This trend is expected to continue, with more games adopting blockchain technology and further expanding the possibilities within the gaming industry.

In conclusion, the weapon NFT renting support in Undead Blocks is just one example of how web3 games are revolutionizing the gaming landscape. As more developers experiment with blockchain technology and NFTs, the best blockchain games will continue to evolve, providing players with more exciting and rewarding experiences.

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