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Sunflower Land Launches New In-Game Currency 'Block Bucks' for Restocking and Supporting Development

Sunflower Land

Sunflower Land, the popular play-to-own blockchain farming game, has introduced a new in-game currency called Block Bucks. This currency can be used to restock shops, save game progress on the blockchain, and support further development of the game.

According to the game's creator, Adam Hannigan, Block Bucks are now officially live and available for purchase. Players can choose to buy a single Buck for $0.10 USD, or opt for the recommended option to purchase five Bucks in a single transaction for $0.75 USD, which also helps save on gas fees.

In addition to serving as an in-game voucher, Block Bucks are also the main revenue stream for the project. Therefore, purchasing them not only helps restock your shop and save your game progress but also supports the further development of the game.

To see how many Bucks you have, simply refresh the game to see the new widget. While Block Bucks can help save game progress on-chain, players can also choose to pay a regular transaction gas fee to store progress without using a Block Buck. However, shops will not be restocked through this method.

Sunflower Land continues to expand its offerings, with the recent launch of Treasure Island and now the introduction of Block Bucks. The game's hoarder limits are still in place, but Hannigan has indicated that adjustments may be made in the future.

With the introduction of Block Bucks, players now have a new way to support and engage with the popular blockchain farming game, while also enjoying new features and benefits within the game itself.

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