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Shatterpoint Pre-Season Tournament: A Glimpse into the Future of Top Blockchain Games

As the world of blockchain games continues to grow, developers are pushing the boundaries of what's possible with innovative gameplay and engaging events. One such event is the upcoming Shatterpoint Pre-Season Tournament, which promises to offer players a unique gaming experience and a chance to compete for valuable prizes. Hosted on Fractal, the leading blockchain gaming platform, this tournament demonstrates the potential for top blockchain games and the exciting future of the industry.

Shatterpoint game

Shatterpoint and Fractal: A Perfect Match

Shatterpoint is a mobile action RPG based on the Polygon blockchain, in which players choose their battles, challenge others, and attempt to survive "The Shattering" - a never-ending cycle of destruction and death represented by seasons. The game offers new content, enemies, and campaign rewards with each season. As a blockchain game, Shatterpoint has found a natural partner in Fractal, a platform dedicated to blockchain gaming.

The Shatterpoint Pre-Season Tournament

The Shatterpoint x Fractal Pre-Season event is a free-to-play tournament that will take place before the game's Open Beta, set to begin in April. Players who link their accounts with Fractal Wallet can compete on the leaderboard for USDC and NFT prizes. The tournament will begin on March 27th, 12 pm (UTC), and run for four weeks until April 23rd, 12 pm (UTC).

How to Participate

To participate in the tournament, players must download Shatterpoint from Google Play or the App Store and create a BlockGame account. They must then link their BlockGames ID with their Fractal Wallet, complete the tutorial, and reach Level 10 in PvE to enter ranked PvP matches.

The PvP Arena

The PvP arena will only be open for 4 hours per day, from 11:00 -13:00 UTC and 00:00–02:00 UTC. During this time, players can climb the leaderboard by winning matches and collecting Trophies. The more Trophies a player has, the better their ranking will be.

Players can improve their winning rates by leveling up their gears and abilities through PvE campaigns and randomized weekly challenges, which grant quest rewards in Quantus Dust and rare Rune NFTs.

Prizes and Rewards

All participants will compete for a prize pool of in-game NFTs and $1,000 USDC. Free players and Founder Hero NFT holders will receive various rewards, including Founder Hero NFTs, Hero NFT gift cards, Dust, Quantus, and Shards. The Pre-Season cash prize pool will be distributed among the top-ranking players, with rewards ranging from $1 to $100 depending on their placement.

The Future of Blockchain Gaming

As Shatterpoint and the Pre-Season tournament demonstrate, the world of blockchain gaming is evolving rapidly. Developers are pushing the boundaries of gameplay and offering players exciting new experiences, while platforms like Fractal provide a foundation for growth and innovation. The Shatterpoint Pre-Season Tournament offers a glimpse into the future of top blockchain games and the expanding possibilities of the industry.

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