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REVV Racing Introduces Fusion System: Unlocking Rarer NFTs for Players

The blockchain gaming industry has been growing exponentially, with various titles competing to be among the best NFT games available. REVV Racing, a play-to-earn racing game from Animoca Brands and part of the REVV Motorsport ecosystem, aims to stand out with the introduction of the long-awaited Fusion system. This innovative feature allows players to combine their Common car NFTs with Catalyst and REVV tokens to unlock rarer NFTs, offering more exciting gameplay and exclusive rewards.

Revv Racing game

The Fusion System: Combining NFTs for Greater Rewards

The Fusion system, now officially live and available for all REVV Racing players, enables them to merge their Common car NFTs and other NFTs to obtain a new, rarer one. According to a recent official YouTube video, using the Fusion system could grant players access to specific car NFTs that qualify them for exclusive events organized solely for those cars. Additionally, players can obtain exclusive NFTs and other gameplay enhancements to enrich their REVV Racing experience.

Catalyst Tokens and the SHRD Utility Token

To utilize the Fusion system, players must burn Catalyst tokens, which are ERC-20 tokens on the Polygon network. Catalyst tokens are created using the new SHRD utility token, the details of which were revealed last year. Players can earn SHRD tokens whenever they race, regardless of their finishing rank. The amount earned in a race depends on the length of the racetrack and the number of laps.

Using $REVV in the Fusion Process

In addition to the Catalyst tokens, players must also use $REVV to successfully access the Fusion system, which serves as the primary method for acquiring higher-rarity cars. As a result, the Fusion system incentivizes active participation in races and rewards players for their engagement.

The Impact of the Fusion System on REVV Racing

The introduction of the Fusion system to REVV Racing has several potential benefits for the game and its players:

  1. Increased Engagement: The Fusion system encourages players to participate in more races to earn Catalyst tokens and $REVV, driving increased engagement with the game.

  2. Exclusive Access: Players can unlock specific car NFTs that grant access to exclusive events, further enhancing their gaming experience and offering unique rewards.

  3. Expanded Gameplay: By allowing players to merge their Common car NFTs and other NFTs, the Fusion system adds another layer of gameplay that broadens the game's appeal and increases its depth.

  4. Greater Incentives: The opportunity to unlock rarer NFTs and gain exclusive rewards provides a compelling incentive for players to invest more time and effort in the game.


As the competition for the best NFT games intensifies, REVV Racing's introduction of the Fusion system is a significant step forward in delivering a more engaging and rewarding gameplay experience. By offering players the opportunity to unlock rarer NFTs and access exclusive events, the Fusion system provides compelling incentives to actively participate in the game. With continuous innovation and the development of new features, REVV Racing is well on its way to becoming a standout title in the blockchain gaming industry.

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