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Petobots Unleashed: An Exciting Addition to Top NFT Games with Free Minting and Alpha Testing

Introducing Petobots Unleashed

Petobots, a new Solana-based NFT game, is set to make a splash in the world of top NFT games. The game takes players to a distant planet called Xerathum, where they collect and interact with animal mecha, known as Petobots. With a free mint on the Magic Eden marketplace and upcoming Alpha tests, Petobots is gearing up to be an exciting addition to the NFT Playgrounds blockchain games list.


Free Minting and Launch Details

The game will kick off with a free mint of one bot per wallet on March 16. As part of the Magic Eden Mint Madness event, new projects and NFTs with utility or collectible value are introduced to the community.

Alpha Pass for Early Adopters

The first 2,000 users will receive an Alpha pass, giving them access to the game's early features. Additionally, the game will distribute mints to pre-listed wallets for the earliest adopters, with new mints potentially becoming available for wallets with pre-approval.

Petobots: Walking, Flying, and Mythical Creatures

Set on the deep-space planet Xerathum, players will encounter Petobots based on living creatures, each with its unique skills and energy levels. These animal mechas come in three classes: walking, flying, and the special Mythical class.

Breeding First-Generation Petobots

The rare first generation of Petobots will be used to breed the second generation, with players influencing the creation of new NFTs. Access to different game aspects will depend on the type of Petobot and PBOT token ownership. However, staking will only be open to Gen 1 NFT owners.

Leaderboard and Rewards for Active Traders

Magic Eden will set aside 20,000 MATIC for the top ten most active traders, with the first-place winner receiving 4,500 MATIC. A leaderboard showcasing the most active traders in the March collections will also be available.

Upcoming Alpha Testing and Engaging Gameplay

Following the free mint launch on the Magic Eden marketplace, Petobots will be available for alpha testing. Players can look forward to participating in mini-games, mini-tournaments, and earning rewards through active trading, making Petobots an engaging addition to the top Polygon games.


Petobots Unleashed is an exciting new addition to the world of top NFT games, offering players a chance to collect, breed, and interact with unique Petobots on the distant planet Xerathum. With free minting and alpha testing around the corner, the game promises an engaging and rewarding experience for players, further enriching the NFT Playgrounds blockchain games list.

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