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Papa Johns Teams Up with OneRare

Papa Johns, a popular American pizza restaurant chain, has teamed up with OneRare, a virtual food metaverse game, to launch NFT Pizzas. This exciting collaboration brings together the world of blockchain gaming with the deliciousness of Papa Johns' fan-favorite pizzas. In this article, we'll explore the partnership, the NFT Pizzas, and how you can participate in crafting these digital culinary delights.

papa johns crypto

NFTs and Real World

As the popularity of NFTs continues to grow, more and more real-world brands are entering the blockchain space to engage with their customers in innovative ways. From art and music to food and beverages, NFTs are creating new opportunities for brands to interact with their audience, offer unique digital experiences, and tap into the booming virtual economy.

Papa Johns

Papa Johns is a well-known pizza restaurant chain with a strong global presence. The company is recognized for its commitment to high-quality ingredients and delicious pizza creations. By joining forces with OneRare, Papa Johns is venturing into the metaverse and exploring new ways to engage with its customers through blockchain technology.


The collaboration between Papa Johns and OneRare has resulted in the creation of three NFT Pizzas based on Papa Johns UAE's fan-favorite pizzas: Super Papa's, Spicy Chicken Ranch, and Vegan Sheese Garden Special. These NFTs are built on the Polygon network and can be found at OneRare Kitchen, a gamified portal where users can purchase the necessary ingredients and create their own NFT Pizzas.

To craft a Papa Johns NFT Pizza, players need to gather all the required ingredients and mint the NFT on OneRare. The recipe becomes more challenging with each mint, as the first mint requires one of each ingredient, the second requires two, and so on. The smart contract will take the Ingredients NFTs from the player's crypto wallet, burn them, and send the NFT Dish to the wallet.

According to OneRare, Dish NFT holders will be able to use their creations to operate virtual food trucks in OneRare's Playground, which will soon include Foodtruck Wars, a strategic three-player game.

This partnership marks Papa Johns' first foray into the metaverse. In 2022, the company released a collection of 19,840 NFT Hot Bags on the Tezos blockchain, with the number symbolizing the year the company was founded (1984).


The collaboration between Papa Johns and OneRare demonstrates the growing interest of real-world brands in entering the blockchain space and engaging with their customers through innovative digital experiences. By participating in the OneRare Foodverse, Papa Johns is not only expanding its presence in the virtual world but also providing its customers with an exciting and interactive way to connect with the brand.

As more and more brands join the NFT and metaverse bandwagon, we can expect to see even more creative collaborations in the future. Stay up to date with the latest blockchain gaming news by visiting NFT Playgrounds regularly.

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