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MOOW is Launching Alpha Phase 2

The blockchain gaming world is evolving rapidly, with innovative concepts like move-to-earn being introduced to the industry. MOOW is a unique fitness app that combines blockchain technology and physical activity, allowing users to earn cryptocurrency rewards by staying active. In this article, we'll discuss the launch of MOOW's Alpha Phase 2 and explore the move-to-earn concept in more detail.

Move-To-Earn Concept

Move-to-earn is an exciting new concept in the world of blockchain gaming, where players can earn cryptocurrency rewards by engaging in physical activities. This approach aims to promote a healthier lifestyle while simultaneously providing users with an incentive to participate in the game. By combining fitness and gaming, move-to-earn games are breaking down barriers and opening up new opportunities for both casual and dedicated gamers.


MOOW is a free-to-play fitness app that utilizes blockchain technology to reward users for staying active. The app is available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store and uses heart rate data instead of GPS tracking to implement the move-to-earn mechanics. As a result, users can earn in-game tokens by participating in various sports or physical activities.

Alpha Phase 2 Launch

MOOW is set to launch its Alpha Phase 2 on May 8th, during which only users with a special Tester role on the MOOW Discord will be able to join the playtest. Non-NFT holders will receive a Level 1 non-NFT Pulse Tracker, which they can use to participate in the core gameplay and earn $TIC tokens. As players level up their Pulse Tracker, they can eventually earn $TAC tokens, MOOW's governance token, once it reaches Level 30.

In-Game Marketplace and Token Sale

In early June, MOOW plans to launch an In-Game Marketplace where users can buy, sell, or trade Pulse Trackers, Pulse Boxes, and Art NFTs. Additionally, the $TAC token sale and CEX Listing are scheduled for late May or early June, further increasing the project's visibility and reach.

Other Move-To-Earn Games News

The move-to-earn concept is quickly gaining traction, with several other projects exploring similar ideas. Keep an eye on our Move-To-Earn Games News section for updates and announcements about other projects in this emerging space.

Similarities and Differences Between STEPN and MOOW

Both STEPN and MOOW are fitness-based mobile apps that use blockchain technology to reward users for their physical activities. While they share some similarities, there are notable differences between the two. Here's a breakdown of the similarities and differences:


  1. Fitness-focused: Both apps focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle and encouraging users to engage in physical activities by offering rewards in the form of tokens.

  2. Blockchain-based rewards: Both STEPN and MOOW use blockchain technology to offer rewards in the form of their native tokens, $GMT for STEPN and $TIC for MOOW.

  3. Move-to-Earn concept: Both apps follow the move-to-earn concept, allowing users to earn tokens as they engage in physical activities, such as walking, running, or participating in various sports.


  1. Activity tracking method: While STEPN tracks users' physical activities using the phone's built-in pedometer, MOOW relies on users' heart rates to implement its move-to-earn mechanics.

  2. Token utility: In STEPN, users can earn $GMT tokens that can be used within the Gyroscopic Metaverse or exchanged on supported crypto platforms. In MOOW, users initially earn $TIC tokens, which can be used to level up the Pulse Tracker. Upon reaching level 30, users can start earning $TAC tokens, which have governance functions in MOOW and can be traded on supported platforms.

  3. App availability: Both apps are available on Android and iOS, but STEPN is more widely accessible, whereas MOOW has limited access during its alpha testing phase.

  4. In-app features: MOOW includes an in-game marketplace where users can buy, sell, or trade Pulse Trackers, Pulse Boxes, and Art NFTs. STEPN does not currently offer such a feature.

Both STEPN and MOOW aim to promote healthier lifestyles by rewarding users for their physical activities. While they share some similarities, their approaches to activity tracking, token utility, and in-app features set them apart. Users can choose the app that best aligns with their preferences and fitness goals.


MOOW's launch of Alpha Phase 2 is an exciting milestone for the move-to-earn concept, showcasing the potential for blockchain gaming to incentivize healthier lifestyles. With the continued development of MOOW and other projects in this space, the future of move-to-earn games looks bright. Stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments in the move-to-earn world by following our NFT Playgrounds website and keeping an eye on our Move-To-Earn Games News section.

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