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LG Patents TV With On-Screen NFT Trading


In an age where NFT games and digital art marketplaces are becoming increasingly prevalent, the technology sector is continuously seeking ways to innovate and facilitate the growth of this new digital economy. Recently, LG, the South Korean multinational conglomerate, has taken a significant leap in this direction, patenting a unique television (TV) that supports on-screen non-fungible token (NFT) trading.

LG TV With NFT support

What is LG's On-Screen NFT Trading TV?

Last year, LG surprised the NFT world with the introduction of its "LG Art Labs," an NFT marketplace enabling viewers to trade digital collectibles directly through their LG TVs running on WebOS 5.0 operating system. In 2023, LG continued this trend with the launch of the Blade wallet, a custom wallet that connects directly to LG Art Labs to streamline NFT trading.

With this new patented technology, LG aims to simplify the NFT trading process even further. The paperwork submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) describes a TV connected to an NFT market server. Users can link their crypto wallets to this TV, allowing them to buy, sell, and swap NFTs from the comfort of their own homes.

LG's Vision for the Future of NFTs

This patented technology is the latest invention of LG in the ever-evolving metaverse and NFT space. By enabling on-screen NFT transactions, LG is not just facilitating a more comfortable trading experience but is also working to popularize the concept of NFTs amongst the general public.

LG's Partnership with Hedera Hashgraph

In 2020, LG established a strategic partnership with Hedera Hashgraph, a company offering distributed ledger technology as an alternative to traditional blockchain. Known for collaborating with giants like Google, IBM, and Ubisoft, Hedera's inclusion in LG's NFT projects adds substantial credibility to these endeavors.

Traditional Companies in the NFT Market

It's not just LG making strides in the NFT market. LG's major competitor, Samsung, announced plans to build an NFT marketplace back in 2022, partnering with Nifty to bring this vision to life.

Despite recent declines in the NFT market, several traditional companies remain confident in the potential of NFTs. This enduring optimism, coupled with innovative technologies like LG's on-screen NFT trading TV, suggests that the digital economy's growth shows no signs of slowing.

Potential Implications for the Entertainment Industry

With the advent of LG's patented TV, the entertainment industry could be at the brink of a significant transformation. This technology could open new avenues for artists, creators, and entertainers to monetize their content directly through NFTs, bypassing traditional intermediaries. Imagine being able to purchase a unique, digital piece of your favorite TV show, movie, or music video while you're watching it, straight from your living room.

Moreover, the integration of blockchain technology with mainstream TV can provide an added layer of transparency and security, ensuring that royalties are paid fairly and promptly.

Regulatory Considerations and Challenges

While LG's on-screen NFT trading feature promises a new frontier in blockchain technology and digital ownership, it also raises important regulatory considerations. Countries around the world are still grappling with how to regulate cryptocurrencies and NFTs, and the introduction of such a technology into mainstream households could complicate matters further.

The challenge for LG, and others exploring similar technologies, will be ensuring that their systems comply with regional and global regulations pertaining to digital assets, anti-money laundering laws, and consumer protection rights.

Nevertheless, the patent filing by LG is a clear indication of their commitment to exploring the potential of NFTs and blockchain technology, and it will be exciting to see how this pans out in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is LG's On-Screen NFT Trading TV? This is a patented technology from LG that connects a TV to an NFT market server, allowing users to buy, sell, and swap NFTs directly from their TV screens.

2. What was LG Art Labs? Launched by LG last year, LG Art Labs is an NFT marketplace that allows viewers to trade digital collectibles through US LG televisions running on WebOS 5.0 operating system.

3. What is the Blade Wallet? Launched by LG in 2023, the Blade Wallet is a specially designed crypto wallet that connects directly to LG Art Labs to ease NFT trading.

4. Who is Hedera Hashgraph? Hedera Hashgraph is a company providing distributed ledger technology, offering an alternative to traditional blockchain. LG partnered with Hedera in 2020 to enhance their NFT projects.

5. Who else is venturing into the NFT market? Several companies are venturing into the NFT market, including Samsung, which partnered with Nifty in 2022 to build an NFT marketplace.

6. What does LG's patent mean for the future of NFTs? LG's patented technology signifies a growing trend of traditional companies investing in the future of NFTs. By introducing a novel, user-friendly method for NFT trading, LG may encourage more widespread adoption of NFTs and foster growth in the digital economy.


In the grand scheme of blockchain and NFTs, LG's patented TV is a game-changer, offering a unique and user-friendly way to engage in NFT trading. With traditional companies like LG and Samsung entering the NFT space, the future looks bright for the growth of the digital economy. However, as with any technological innovation, its success will depend on how well it is received by the market and how effectively it integrates with existing systems. Only time will tell if LG's on-screen NFT trading TV becomes a staple in households worldwide, further propelling the adoption and popularity of NFTs.

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