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Last Remains Announces Genesis Character NFT Sale

The world of blockchain gaming continues to expand and innovate, with new games constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the industry. One such game, Last Remains, is making waves with its upcoming Genesis Character NFT sale. This stealth-based zombie battle royale game promises an engaging and thrilling experience for players, and the Genesis Character NFT sale is set to bring even more excitement to the table. In this article, we'll delve into the details of the sale and explore what makes Last Remains a unique and promising addition to the battle royale blockchain gaming genre.

Last Remains Blockchain Game

Battle Royale Blockchain Games

Battle royale games have taken the gaming world by storm in recent years, offering players intense, fast-paced action and strategic gameplay. With the emergence of blockchain technology, these games have evolved even further, incorporating NFTs, token economies, and decentralized systems to create immersive and rewarding experiences for players. Blockchain battle royale games offer players not only a thrilling gaming experience but also the potential to earn valuable assets and tokens through gameplay.

Last Remains

Developed by Earn Alliance, Last Remains is a stealth-based zombie battle royale game that brings a fresh and exciting twist to the genre. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, players must navigate a dangerous landscape filled with the undead, competing against one another to be the last survivor standing. The game's unique blend of stealth mechanics, strategic gameplay, and immersive environments make it a standout addition to the growing roster of battle royale blockchain games.

Genesis Character NFT Sale

The Last Remains Genesis Character NFT sale is scheduled to begin on May 16th, with a total supply of 10,000 characters up for grabs. Priced at $80 USD or 80 $MATIC per NFT, these unique digital assets will be available for purchase on the Polygon network using a MetaMask wallet or even a credit card. This flexibility in payment options makes the sale more accessible to a wider range of potential buyers.

Buyers of these Genesis Character NFTs can look forward to a host of perks and benefits, including:

  • One lifetime battle pass

  • Eight guaranteed whitelist slots for free Equipment NFTs

  • The opportunity to play Stake & Rescue, a game mode that allows players to earn additional tokens and equipment

  • Early access to the main game starting in July, complete with monthly leaderboards and prize pools featuring NFT airdrops, cash, and tokens

The combination of these perks and the promise of an engaging gaming experience make the Genesis Character NFT sale an exciting event for both blockchain gaming enthusiasts and battle royale fans alike.


As the blockchain gaming industry continues to grow and evolve, games like Last Remains are pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the genre. With its upcoming Genesis Character NFT sale, Last Remains is offering players an opportunity to be part of an exciting and innovative gaming experience, complete with valuable digital assets and early access to the game.

If you're a fan of battle royale games and blockchain gaming, keep an eye on Last Remains and its Genesis Character NFT sale starting on May 16th. And don't forget to stay tuned to NFT Playgrounds for the latest news and updates on blockchain gaming and upcoming NFT sales.

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