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Illuvium: Beyond Launches Next Week, Bringing a New Collectible Card Game to the NFT World

Illuvium: beyond

Illuvium: Beyond, a new NFT collectible card game set in the world of Illuvium, is set to launch on March 7th. The game will allow players to collect Illuvitars and compete with each other on the leaderboard. To prepare for the game's debut, the team has released a set of community guidelines.

Players can customize their NFTs with various accessories and assemble rare Illuvitars to boost their rankings. During the launch, players can acquire NFT packs that contain a variety of Illuvitars and accessories. There are two types of packs available: the Standard D1sk and the Mega D1sk.

The Standard D1sk contains one Illuvitar, three accessories, and one Tier 0 Illuvitar. The Mega D1sk guarantees a rare Illuvitar with increased chances of getting great items. All Illuvitars will be sold in batches or Waves on IlluviDex.

For the first Wave, 25 popular Illuvials will be up for grabs as Illuvitars. During the Alpha sale, Mega D1sks and Standard D1sks are limited to 10 of each type per transaction. The extended sale, on the other hand, does not have a mint limit.

Following the launch, players will have access to the Illuvium: Beyond hub, where they can view their collections and albums. The more collections or milestones they complete, the higher their album points.

Interested players and collectors can now register on the official website to be notified of the launch. With the excitement building, Illuvium: Beyond is set to make a splash in the NFT world with its innovative approach to collectible card games.

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