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Genopets Updates: New Referral and Banking Rewards, and More

The world of blockchain gaming is constantly evolving, and Genopets is no exception. With its latest updates, Genopets has introduced a series of exciting features and rewards to enhance the player experience and provide more opportunities for in-game rewards. In this article, we'll explore these updates, including the Friendship Rewards program, increased Banking Reward Drop Rates, and new features in development such as the Nurture Starter Pack and Genodex Studio.

genopets updates


Genopets is a popular virtual pet game built on the blockchain, where players can create, nurture, and battle with their Genopets. As a move-to-earn MMORPG, the game has quickly gained popularity among players, and its latest updates aim to enhance the overall experience and provide more rewards for players. Let's dive into the exciting new features and rewards.

Genopets Move To Earn MMORPG Game

In Genopets, players can earn rewards by completing in-game tasks and participating in battles with their virtual pets. As a move-to-earn game, Genopets encourages players to stay active and complete physical activities to earn rewards. The game has a strong focus on community and player engagement, which is further emphasized through the latest updates.

Banking Rewards

One of the key updates in Genopets is the increased Banking Reward Drop Rates. By increasing the quantity multiplier, players are more likely to receive Food and Toys when they earn Banking Rewards. This improvement ensures that players have more resources to care for their beloved Genopets and provide a better overall experience.

Genodex Studio

Another exciting feature in development is the Genodex Studio, which will enable players to preview and try out different Augments and color combinations on their Genopet before crafting or purchasing on Magic Eden. This feature aims to provide players with more customization options and a better understanding of their Genopet's appearance, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

Best Move To Earn Games

Genopets is just one example of the growing trend of move-to-earn blockchain games. If you're interested in exploring other games in this category, be sure to check out our list of the best move-to-earn blockchain games for more options.


With these updates and improvements, Genopets continues to evolve and offer a richer, more rewarding experience for its players. The Friendship Rewards program, increased Banking Reward Drop Rates, and the development of new features like the Nurture Starter Pack and Genodex Studio are all clear indicators of the game's ongoing evolution.

By listening to player feedback and implementing improvements, Genopets is well on its way to becoming a staple within the blockchain gaming community. If you're interested in learning more about Genopets and other blockchain games, be sure to keep an eye on the blockchain gaming news for the latest updates and announcements.

As the world of Genopets continues to expand, there's no better time to jump in and explore this unique and engaging virtual world. So, gather your friends, create your Genopets, and embark on an exciting journey of nurturing, battling, and evolving your virtual pets.

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