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Forest Knight Started Season 2

Forest Knight, the popular free-to-play turn-based strategy game developed by Chrono Games, has kicked off its highly anticipated Season 2. With a generous reward pool of 250K $KNIGHT tokens, a new Battle Pass, and exciting updates, this season promises to deliver an engaging and rewarding experience for players. In this article, we'll dive into the details of Forest Knight Season 2, its new features, and the game's future plans.

forest knight

About Forest Knight

Forest Knight is a mobile-focused blockchain game that combines turn-based strategy with play-to-earn mechanics. Players can collect, trade, and upgrade NFT items while battling through the game's PvE and PvP modes. With a rich and immersive world, Forest Knight offers a compelling gaming experience that leverages blockchain technology to reward players for their in-game achievements.

The $KNIGHT Token

The $KNIGHT token is the native cryptocurrency of Forest Knight and serves as the primary in-game currency. Players can earn $KNIGHT tokens by participating in the game, completing quests, and battling other players. These tokens can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges or used to purchase in-game items and upgrades.

Season 2 Features

250K $KNIGHT Reward Pool

The main attraction of Forest Knight Season 2 is the impressive reward pool of 250K $KNIGHT tokens. With a current value of around $2312, this sizable reward pool promises to make Season 2 highly competitive and rewarding for players.

New Battle Pass

Season 2 introduces a new Battle Pass system that offers players a range of rewards for their in-game achievements. As players progress through the Battle Pass, they can unlock NFT items, in-game currencies, and other valuable rewards.

New Arena Obstacles

To keep the gameplay fresh and challenging, Forest Knight Season 2 includes new arena obstacles for players to overcome. These obstacles add a layer of strategic depth to the game and encourage players to experiment with different strategies and tactics.

NFT Weapons and Skins

In addition to the $KNIGHT token rewards, Season 2 also offers players the chance to earn 10 NFT weapons and 100 NFT skins. These exclusive items can be used to customize and enhance player characters, providing a unique and personalized gaming experience.

Recent Updates and Future Plans

Forest Knight has been steadily expanding its features and improving its gameplay experience. Some recent updates include the introduction of a guild system in patch, which added guild levels, quests, and more. Earlier this year, the game also launched a content creator program to foster community growth and reward creative players.

Forest Knight on iOS

Currently, Forest Knight is available on Android devices, but plans are in place to bring the game to iOS via TestFlight during this quarter. This expansion will make the game accessible to an even larger audience of mobile gamers.

Pets and Land

In the 3rd quarter of this year, Forest Knight plans to introduce pets to the game, adding another layer of depth and customization for players. Additionally, the team has plans to introduce land in Q1 2024, further expanding the game's universe and offering new opportunities for player engagement.

Forest Knight Recent News

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Partners and Investors

Forest Knight has attracted the attention of several prominent partners and investors, including Animoca Brands, Enjin, Venly,, and more. These partnerships not only provide valuable resources and support for the game's development but also serve as a testament to the potential and quality of Forest Knight.

The Importance of Community

The Forest Knight team understands the importance of fostering a strong and engaged community. By launching the Content Creator Program, the developers aim to reward creative players and promote community-driven content. This initiative encourages players to share their experiences, strategies, and insights, further enriching the overall Forest Knight experience.

Season 2's Impact on Forest Knight

The launch of Season 2 represents a significant milestone for Forest Knight. With a substantial reward pool, new features, and the ongoing expansion of the game's universe, Season 2 is poised to attract even more players and attention to the game. As Forest Knight continues to grow and evolve, it solidifies its position as a leading blockchain game in the mobile gaming space.


Forest Knight Season 2 offers an exciting and rewarding experience for both new and existing players. With a generous reward pool, new Battle Pass, and fresh gameplay elements, Season 2 promises to deliver an engaging and enjoyable gaming experience. As Forest Knight continues to expand its features and attract new players, it remains a standout title in the world of blockchain gaming.

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