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Epic Games Store Anticipates Nearly 20 Web3 Games

Epic Games Store, the renowned digital video game marketplace created by Fortnite developer Epic Games, is preparing to welcome nearly 20 Web3 games to its platform. This move underscores the company's growing interest in blockchain gaming and its potential in shaping the future of the industry.

Epic Games Store

Web3 Games Coming to Epic Games Store

In a recent report by Axios, Epic Games Store General Manager Steve Allison disclosed that almost 20 crypto games are slated for release on the platform. Among the five blockchain games currently available, Allison highlighted that Blankos: Block Party is "pretty well-played" and the metaverse platform, Core, "does pretty well." Although specific statistics were not shared, Allison's comments hint at an optimistic outlook for the expansion of blockchain gaming on the Epic Games Store throughout this year and early next year.

With the arrival of nearly 20 Web3 games, Allison believes the industry will have a clearer understanding of blockchain gaming's future and potential staying power. It's worth noting that Epic Games is not involved in publishing or developing any of the upcoming games, nor does it have any financial stake in their success. Instead, the responsibility for transactions, customer service, and handling refunds and fraud falls on the shoulders of the crypto games' publishers.

Epic Games Store's Stance on Blockchain Gaming

Epic Games Store's decision to allow blockchain games on its platform reflects the company's willingness to explore the burgeoning world of decentralized gaming. Although it has not ventured into publishing or developing its own blockchain games, Epic Games Store is actively monitoring the space and evaluating the prospects of this emerging industry.

That said, Epic Games Store is taking a cautious approach when it comes to maintaining the integrity of its platform. Allison emphasized that the company's trust and safety team is closely watching the blockchain games on the store, with a readiness to "shut down" any bad behavior swiftly.

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The Future of Blockchain Gaming

The integration of nearly 20 Web3 games on the Epic Games Store represents a significant step forward for blockchain gaming. As one of the leading digital video game marketplaces, Epic Games Store's foray into the space signals growing interest and recognition of the potential that decentralized gaming holds.

Blockchain gaming offers numerous advantages, including decentralized ownership of in-game assets, the ability to trade and sell items for real-world value, and the fostering of vibrant gaming communities and economies. As more Web3 games make their way onto prominent platforms like Epic Games Store, the gaming industry is likely to witness a shift towards decentralized gaming experiences that emphasize player ownership and control.

In conclusion, Epic Games Store's upcoming integration of nearly 20 Web3 games demonstrates a growing interest in blockchain gaming and its potential to revolutionize the industry. As more players and developers become acquainted with the unique features of decentralized gaming, the future of blockchain gaming will become clearer, and its impact on the industry will be more accurately assessed. Keep an eye on the Epic Games Store as it continues to explore the world of blockchain gaming and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in this exciting new frontier.

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