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Axie Infinity Unveils Axie Land and AXS Staking on Ronin Network

Axie Infinity, one of the most popular blockchain games, aims to increase user engagement and address the falling price of its main asset, AXS, by introducing new features and improvements. Despite the end of its Season 2 Origins, the game still records around 10,000 daily interactions with the blockchain and attracts more users to its additional mini-games.


Axie Land Extension and Improved Gameplay

Axie Infinity recently released a patch that fixed flawed battle interactions, improving the main game. The game is inviting players to build productive farms and optimize their lots through the Axie Land extension. This boosts the value of digital land plots, particularly those with Genesis status and higher income potential. The game constantly runs user-content competitions to maintain a high profile on social media.

Players are also encouraged to design their land and buildings for more efficiency in gathering resources by rotating buildings in the optimal direction. The design context concludes Season 1 for Axie Infinity: Homeland, one of the biggest additions to the game in recent months. There will be no inter-season period of idle playing for the Homeland game, as the servers will be down until the announcement of Season 2.

AXS Staking on Ronin Network

To address the falling price of AXS, which currently trades at $8.67 after reaching highs near $200 during boom times, it is now part of a growing set of DeFi tools available for Ronin wallet holders. AXS earners can choose to retain and stake their haul instead of selling directly. As per the creators, this initiative will further integrate the game into the DeFi ecosystem.

Axie Infinity continues to thrive by introducing new features that increase user engagement, such as:

  • The Axie Land extension

  • Offering rewards through AXS staking on Ronin Network

The game's active community remains enthusiastic about designing and optimizing their land plots for more efficient resource gathering. The project maintains a good craze on social media through constant user-content competitions.

Impact on PvP Gameplay

While the new additions and improvements are sure to increase user engagement, it's important to note how these changes will impact the PvP gameplay. Axie Infinity's PvP battles have been a cornerstone of the game, and maintaining a balance between the new features and the core gameplay will be essential for the game's continued success.

By offering rewards through AXS staking and focusing on enhancing the land-based gameplay, Axie Infinity may encourage players to participate more actively in PvP battles, ultimately driving further engagement and competition within the game.

Future Developments for Axie Infinity

As Axie Infinity continues to grow and evolve, players can expect more exciting features and improvements in the future. Some potential developments for the game include:

  • New mini-games and extensions that complement the core gameplay

  • Further integration with the DeFi ecosystem, offering players more opportunities to earn and stake AXS

  • Enhanced PvP gameplay with new abilities, Axies, and battle strategies

  • Continuous improvement of the Axie Land system, enabling players to create more sophisticated and efficient land plots


Axie Infinity remains a popular blockchain-based game and a significant player in the DeFi ecosystem, thanks to its continuous efforts to introduce new features and improvements. By focusing on increasing user engagement through the Axie Land extension and offering rewards through AXS staking on the Ronin Network, the game is set to maintain its position as a leading blockchain game. Players can look forward to more exciting developments

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