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The Machines Arena

The Machines Arena

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A top-down hero shooter where players clash!


The Machines Arena is an exhilarating hero shooter that combines fast-paced PvE and PvP combat with the excitement of blockchain gaming. Delivered from a top-down perspective, players can earn digital collectibles on the Ronin chain while engaging in thrilling battles.

Blockchain and NFT Technology Integration
This game embraces the power of blockchain, NFT technology, and cryptocurrency, with all transactions, in-game purchases, refunds, and customer support managed by the game's publisher. Please note that players should conduct their own research before purchasing any cryptocurrency or digital assets. Epic Games does not encourage the purchase or sale of any cryptocurrency or digital asset through third-party marketplaces, and any such transactions are made at the player's own risk.

Sky Mavis Partnership and Rewarding Gameplay
The Machines Arena has teamed up with Sky Mavis, creators of the Ronin chain and the Axie Infinity Universe, to provide high-risk, high-reward gameplay that allows players to earn digital collectibles and be rewarded for their skill and dedication.

Adrenaline-Fueled Hero Shooter with Digital Collectibles
Experience the thrill of pulse-pounding combat in both PvP and PvE modes in The Machines Arena, an adrenaline-fueled hero shooter that offers digital collectible rewards amidst the chaos of battle.

Easy to Learn, Hard to Master
The Machines Arena is designed to be easy to learn yet challenging to master. Quick Play matches last between 5-7 minutes, providing the ideal game length for intense, competitive play. PvE runs, on the other hand, vary in duration – the faster you clear rooms, the further you progress, but be careful not to lose your life or you'll have to restart. The game offers multiple control options, including twin joysticks, controllers, and mouse and keyboard setups.

Unique Heroes and Abilities
Each PvP hero features specialized abilities and weapons, ensuring a distinct playstyle for every character. Players will find familiar and favorite classes in the game, ready for some intense action. The Machines Arena also offers unique PvE characters, allowing players to earn digital collectibles that reflect their personality and style.

Explosive Mayhem and Stunning Visuals
In The Machines Arena, no victory or defeat is ever the same. Players can exact swift revenge in a visually stunning environment and engage in chaotic battles with friends or enjoy solo gameplay. To sharpen your skills, dominate the training rooms before taking your A-game to the Machines Arena for some real, pulse-pounding action.

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