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A Trading Card Game from Another Dimension.


SkyWeaver, developed by Horizon Games, is a browser-based, cross-platform card game that offers a unique blend of deeply strategic gameplay and a player-owned marketplace. With over 500 base cards to unlock, tradable NFT cards to win, and an unprecedented weekly reward system, SkyWeaver is revolutionizing the trading card game industry.

Free-to-Play Model:
SkyWeaver allows players to unlock all 500+ base cards for free as they level up, providing endless gameplay possibilities. Players can enter Discovery mode with a random deck or opt for Constructed mode once they've crafted their custom deck, making the game accessible to a wide range of players.

Play to Own - Rewarding Skill:
Climbing the leaderboards and winning tradable Silver NFT cards is made possible by SkyWeaver's innovative weekly reward system. Players can also participate in Conquests to earn rare, limited-edition Gold NFT cards, making skill and mastery more rewarding than ever before.

Eternal Non-Rotating Cards:
Unlike many trading card games, SkyWeaver cards are eternal, meaning they are never banned or rotated out of play. This ensures that the time and effort invested in building skills, card collections, and decks will always remain relevant, guaranteeing lasting value for players.

Customizable Decks:
SkyWeaver allows players to customize their decks according to their preferred playstyle. The deck leaderboard provides insights into the best-performing decks, their stats, card makeup, and more, enabling players to build, customize, and play with ease.

A Trading Card Game with Actual Trading:
The SkyWeaver Market enables players to trade Silver and Gold cards with other players, empowering them to truly own their cards. Tradable cards can be gifted to friends, collected, or used in gameplay, providing players with complete control over their property.

Built on Ethereum - Secure Card Ownership:
SkyWeaver is built on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring that digital cards are securely owned by players. This level of security means that only the card owner can access their cards, not even Horizon Games.

SkyWeaver is ushering in a new era of trading card games, combining the best of strategic gameplay with the benefits of blockchain technology. The free-to-play model, rewarding skill-based system, eternal cards, customizable decks, and actual trading capabilities make SkyWeaver a must-try game for trading card enthusiasts and newcomers alike. With its secure Ethereum-based card ownership, SkyWeaver is set to change the landscape of trading card games and attract a new generation of players.

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Windows, Android, iOS, MAC, Linux




Ethereum, Polygon

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