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Play Free Poker Earn $ICE. Build Your Own Guild


Decentral Games ICE Poker is one of the latest additions to the growing world of metaverse poker games. The game is a free-to-play game that offers players a chance to compete against each other in daily leaderboards and earn tokens by completing daily challenges. With this unique blend of metaverse and poker, Decentral Games ICE Poker is quickly becoming one of the most popular games in the online gaming world.

To play Decentral Games ICE Poker, players must obtain at least one ICE Wearable, which can be obtained either through purchase or delegation. Once players have acquired an ICE Wearable, they will be given a set amount of Chips, which can be used to play ICE Poker. The game is designed to be simple and easy to understand, allowing players to start playing and winning tokens in no time.

Players can also participate in daily challenges, which are designed to test their skills and provide them with an opportunity to earn even more tokens. The challenges are updated regularly, ensuring that players always have new and exciting ways to earn tokens and climb up the daily leaderboards.

One of the unique features of Decentral Games ICE Poker is its integration with the wider Decentraland metaverse. Players can use their tokens to purchase virtual real estate within the metaverse, which can be used to create their own virtual worlds and games. This adds a new dimension to the game and allows players to take their winnings and investments beyond the game itself.

The development team behind Decentral Games ICE Poker is constantly working to improve the game, with regular updates and new features being added on a regular basis. The game is also fully transparent, with all transactions recorded on the blockchain, ensuring that players can trust the game and the platform.

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