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Crypto Mayhem

Crypto Mayhem

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Join The Galactic Mission and explore the galaxy.


Crypto Mayhem is a groundbreaking blockchain-based game that immerses players in a futuristic world where they must battle for power and resources. Players are thrust into a high-stakes conflict over corporate influence and must vie for control over scarce resources by engaging in intense combat against other players and hordes of space creatures. Players control Mechs, made up of NFT Modules, that can be traded among participants.


The game offers a unique combination of two distinct layers: Top-Down Shooter and Economy Grand Strategy. This dual approach allows players to decide if they want to focus on gameplay, investment, or both. The trailer showcases the Top-Down Shooter gameplay in action.

Metaverse and Strategy

Crypto Mayhem presents an exhilarating metaverse where brutal combat and intricate economic and strategic models come to life through the power of blockchain technology. The core concept is to merge the Grand Strategy genre with Top-Down Shooter gameplay, creating a comprehensive gaming experience. In the strategy aspect, players develop their colony on an alien planet, with digital goods and currency micro-management directly influencing the environment.


The game takes place in a distant future where humanity has united under the leadership of Adria Corporation to fight for survival against a relentless alien threat. The struggle involves defending inhabited planets and extracting valuable resources from those controlled by the extraterrestrial menace.

NFTs and Game Mechanics

Crypto Mayhem leverages NFTs as unique in-game attributes for each player. Players can create their own Mechs (NFTs) by combining various elements, using them to battle enemies for survival. Additionally, the game features Drones (NFTs) that mine resources and support Mechs in combat, as well as Avatars (NFTs) and Workers (NFTs) that can possess items (NFTs) to enhance their abilities. Resource extraction is made possible by combining heroes with land (NFTs) to develop your civilization.

In-Game Currency: ADRIA

ADRIA (BEP-20) serves as the primary currency within the Crypto Mayhem metaverse, used for in-game services and trading. Players can stake provinces and temporarily control them to collect taxes from transactions made between players within that region. The governance token (DAO) represents power within Adria Corp, allowing holders to influence production processes, game balance, and propose changes to the game. The DAO will determine how Adria Corp should allocate the pool of tokens collected.

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