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Champions: Ascension

Champions: Ascension

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Fight for glory in this play-to-earn adventure!


Forge your fate in Massina, where rituals and combat intertwine, and the eternal Colosseum holds the key to glory. Earn honor and wealth by challenging other players, and contribute to the creation of the fantastical world of Massina by joining our Discord community. Together, we'll build a realm filled with intrigue, danger, and prosperity.

Delve into Our Lore
Discover Massina's enigmatic locales and peculiar inhabitants, including deities, mythical creatures, heroes, and villains. Explore the map and immerse yourself in captivating short stories.

Community Perks
Community Members and Prime Eternal Holders receive early access to development updates, the chance to provide valuable feedback during development, and exclusive access to special events on Discord.

Open World Metaverse
Venture into Massina's open-world metaverse, where you can engage in battles, socialize, and partake in immersive experiences.

Own Your Piece of Massina
Massina is more than just a game—it's a full-fledged metaverse. Stake your claim to land, establish shops, and more.

Real-World Rewards
As a Prime Eternal holder, you'll gain access to unique merchandise, special event invitations, and the opportunity to interact with our development team.

Immerse Yourself in Champions Lore
Our richly detailed lore offers a captivating experience that transports you to the mesmerizing world of Massina.

Companion Pets
Owning a Prime Eternal comes with perks, such as a lovable pet companion to accompany you on your Massina adventures. Pet NFTs will be airdropped soon to eligible owners. To check your eligibility, use our perk check tool.

Tokens and Staking
As a Prime Eternal owner, you can stake and earn tokens integral to the Champions Metaverse economy.

Cutting-Edge Technology
Champions Ascension employs both proprietary and industry-standard technologies to develop and deploy gameplay across various platforms.

Our seasoned developers have a wealth of experience in crafting innovative gaming experiences enjoyed by hundreds of millions of players worldwide. We're leveraging this expertise to create and maintain robust backends that support massive scale across multiple cloud providers and regions, ensuring a top-notch gaming experience. Claim your exclusive piece of this ever-expanding fantasy realm and trade it in the marketplace.

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