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Eternal Dragons Unveils PvP Game Mode and Massive Knockout Tournament

Eternal Dragons blockchain game

Trailblazer Games' blockchain gaming franchise, Eternal Dragons, has introduced the much-awaited PvP mode for its auto battler game, offering a chance for Genesis holders to compete for huge rewards.

With the release of the new "Arena Mode," players can now access PvP through the Eternal Dragons Hub World. There are three ways for players to enter PvP, including the "Play a Random Opponent" feature, creating a room code and inviting another player, or joining an existing invitation.

To keep the community engaged, the team has announced plans to launch a regular league format where players fight each other to move up the leaderboard. A few test leagues will be held from March 1st to March 7th to gather feedback from the community and resolve any technical issues before the launch of the knockout tournament. The tournament promises juicy prizes for the best Dragoneers and more details will be released soon.

Eternal Dragons is a Solana blockchain gaming franchise built by Trailblazer Games, which includes three games at launch: an auto-chess battler, a city-building game, and a 4X strategy game. The auto-battler is currently available in alpha for all Genesis Dragon owners. Players can earn Eternium tokens and off-chain resources to explore the Eternal universe.

As the team continues to innovate and engage the community, the introduction of PvP mode adds a new level of excitement to the already popular game. The release is expected to attract more players and help further establish Eternal Dragons as a leading blockchain gaming franchise.

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