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DragonMaster Reveals New Multi-Chain Whitepaper for Cross-Chain Gaming

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Magic Hat, the developer of DragonMaster, has recently unveiled a new multi-chain whitepaper for their play-to-earn Polygon-based title, outlining their vision for turning the game into a cross-chain experience. The whitepaper delves into the research they've conducted on cross-chain technology and highlights the changes they plan to implement in their blockchain game as a result.


DragonMaster's Vision for a Multi-Chain Game

The company's vision for DragonMaster is that of a multi-chain game, allowing players across different blockchain networks to interact with one another. In the whitepaper, they discuss two different models used in the development of traditional video games: multi-server mode and multi-device mode.

Multi-Server Mode

The multi-server mode revolves around having the same gameplay across all servers, but not the same economic data. This means that players cannot play with or against each other across different servers, and each server has its own independent data that can be reset without affecting the economy present in other instances.

Multi-Device Mode

On the other hand, the multi-device mode shares data across all servers, allowing for cross-platform play where players on mobile devices can play together with their PC friends. Magic Hat believes that this latter mode is the best option for DragonMaster, as it aligns with their multi-chain plan that will enable players across different blockchain networks to interact with each other.

Implementing a Cross-Chain, Consumer-Friendly Plan

In line with their multi-chain vision, the changes that will be introduced in DragonMaster will conform to this cross-chain, consumer-friendly plan. According to the new whitepaper, players will be able to team up and play with their friends who may be using a different chain to play the game, regardless of the supported network they choose.

This move towards cross-chain gaming aims to remove barriers between players and create a more seamless, inclusive gaming experience that connects individuals across various blockchain networks.

The Future of Cross-Chain Gaming

As the blockchain gaming industry continues to evolve, the push for cross-chain gaming experiences like the one envisioned by DragonMaster will likely become more prevalent. This trend has the potential to revolutionize the way players interact with blockchain games, fostering increased collaboration and connectivity between various gaming platforms and networks.

By implementing a multi-chain approach, developers can tap into a larger player base and expand their reach, creating new opportunities for growth and innovation within the blockchain gaming space. In turn, players will benefit from a more diverse and engaging gaming ecosystem that transcends the limitations of individual blockchain networks.


The new multi-chain whitepaper for DragonMaster showcases the developer's commitment to enhancing the gaming experience by embracing cross-chain technology. By leveraging the multi-device mode and enabling players across different blockchain networks to interact with each other, DragonMaster is setting the stage for a more interconnected and immersive play-to-earn gaming environment.

As the blockchain gaming industry continues to grow and mature, the move towards cross-chain gaming experiences like the one proposed by DragonMaster will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the space. By breaking down barriers between players and networks, developers can create a more inclusive and engaging gaming ecosystem that pushes the boundaries of what's possible in the world of blockchain gaming. Don't forget to explore even more exciting blockchain gaming news at NFT Playgrounds! As your go-to source for everything happening in the world of blockchain gaming, we bring you comprehensive coverage of the latest events and developments daily. Our dedicated team at NFT Playgrounds is passionate about keeping you informed on the ever-evolving blockchain gaming landscape, as we delve deep into the latest trends, game releases, and innovations shaping this exciting industry. Stay tuned for all the fresh and exciting updates from the world of blockchain gaming, only on NFT Playgrounds!

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