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Devikins Expands Combat Beta Access: Engaging More Players in Blockchain RPG

As the popularity of blockchain-based games continues to rise, the competition to create the best NFT games intensifies. Devikins, a turn-based blockchain RPG, aims to distinguish itself in this ever-growing market by expanding access to its Combat Beta and introducing new features that provide a more engaging and rewarding gaming experience.

Devikins Game

Devikins to Invite More Players to Combat Beta

The Devikins team has announced plans to onboard more players to its Combat Beta, granting access to anyone with an account level of 50 or higher. This move marks the final push of new users into the beta, encouraging those who have been eagerly waiting to seize the opportunity.

Currently, players can interact with their Devikins and earn rewards by completing daily chores, participating in void adventures, or engaging in special events. The introduction of the combat system will offer players an additional avenue to earn rewards in Devikins.

Accessing Devikins' Combat Mode and New Features

On March 20th, selected players will gain access to an updated version of the Combat Beta. The developers plan to deploy a test system for Seasons, enabling users to experience seasonal battles. Although Seasons typically last several weeks or a month, the team will run two mini-seasons over a two-week period for testing purposes. Reward testing and rankings will also be available during this time.

Moreover, the team will introduce asynchronous PvP, allowing players to battle against an AI, as well as combat-specific Achievements. Balancing tweaks will also be implemented to prevent the abuse of one-hit mechanics.

Devikins Phase 2: Early Access and Additional Features

Following the Combat Beta, Devikins Phase 2 will be released in Early Access, permitting players to use their real accounts and progress toward the full release. Phase 2 promises a slew of new in-game features, including:

  1. Skill Upgrades: Players can enhance their Devikins' abilities for improved combat performance.

  2. Nightmare Mode: This challenging game mode offers increased difficulty and rewards for daring players.

  3. Bypass Training: This feature allows players to skip training and jump straight into the action.

  4. Additional Content: More content and gameplay enhancements will be unveiled throughout Phase 2.


As developers vie for the title of the best NFT games, it is crucial to continually innovate and adapt to the ever-changing landscape. Devikins' expansion of Combat Beta access and the introduction of new features demonstrate the team's commitment to providing a dynamic and engaging gaming experience. With these updates, Devikins is well on its way to becoming a standout title in the blockchain gaming space.

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